Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6th

We are marching on through the holiday season!  Piano is done for the year- my lessons, the lessons I teach, and the piano recital.  I am happy to have such a long break so I can figure out our plans for next year- music for the kids, transcribing songs I can't find in print (a new adventure for me!), etc.  Plus, it gets so busy this time of year that I like having the recital early and letting the kids and families loose.

The kids all did well at the recital.  The kid with the most troubles seemed to be my daughter, the one who (again) switched her songs right before the performance without telling me.  Silly.  We have ten piano kids right now, and one little pre-music group.  They played (most) of Jingle Bells on boomwhackers (plastic tubes tuned to a c scale.). The kids all enjoyed the treats after their performances, and definitely enjoyed playing together afterwards.  

The kids have been earning stickers all year for songs passed off- Christmas songs have made a big difference in their tallies but no one had managed to reach the magical ten-sticker-mark to earn a big candy bar.  One little girl reported last night, as her family was packing up, that she had one last song to pack up and she walked out the door with an XL Hershey bar.  I can guarantee that her brother is going to be playing like a madman over break to come back and earn his bar!

Just so you know, Cocoa is a monster.  That's his monster hat.

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