Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hawaii Day One

I am writing this in the dark on a patio in Hawaii.  I am looking at Palm and plumeria trees, I can hear the ocean and the water feature on the property.  My body is still on Seattle time, so I popped awake at 5:00 am!  Just about the same time as the kids back home ;). The sun is just starting to come up.

We had a great flight out- my dad drove us to the airport in the morning and we had plenty of time to spare.  I was nervous to leave the kids behind, especially Cocoa, but once we lifted off....well, I wasn't worried anymore because staying wasn't an option!  I have a funny head.

We touched down into Kona after a six hour flight- what a cute, funny little airport!  We picked up our car, a great big red Jeep, and headed into the island.

First stop was Costco for lots of bottled water, some bananas and oranges and granola bars, and sunglasses and sun screen.  

Next stop was food- quick google search for good eats in Kona led us to a Filipino fusion place.  I had a huge bento with a piece of garlic fried chicken, some kalbi beef, and a big disk of spam scrambled eggs.  When in Rome...!!!  J had a plate lunch with a fishy pork, an incredible purple sweet potato salad, and a few other meats.  We had a lot of leftovers, but it was our only big meal that day :)

We stopped at a market for some souvenirs, and then made the drive to the resort.  We are staying on the Kohala Coast, in the NW corner of the island.  It's all black rock and little tufts of brown grass.  There are goats grazing on the side of the highway.

The resort is absolutely incredible, and we were probably the only party checking in with a trunk of groceries.  I always feel like a poser at nice places :)

We got settled into the room and went for a walk around the grounds, and decided we needed swimsuits and some time in the hot tub. Then pool.  Then hot tub again, and at that point it was about 8:30 local time and 10:30 back home.  Showers and day's done!

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