Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 5th

salsa verde, with tomatillos and oregano from the garden

Salsa verde- I paid Ernie a penny per tomatillo to clear out the patch for me. She earned 59 pennies!  Add those to the pile of tomatillos already in the fridge, I've got about two gallons of salsa on my  hands.  Holy mackerel!  Not a bad thing to end up with from 3 or 4 plants!  (I added the juice of three limes, plus a good glug of white vinegar.  I used 1 big poblano pepper, and one good-sized jalapeno pepper.  I'll be freezing this, because I have no idea if it's safe to can or not.  I should get a Ph testing kit!)  Oh, and if you use that recipe, I cooked it down for a while after pureeing it, because I really have no idea how many pounds of tomatillos I started with, so eyeballed all the ingredients.  It ended up a little runny.  Tastes FANTASTIC though.  Cumin and cilantro is some sort of miracle seasoning, isn't it?

oven roasted tomatos

I ordered a case of romas to use at the wedding reception on Friday- I'll be drying a bunch for the cheese platters, and will have some to play with.  A platter of fresh tomatoes sounds pretty good to me, but maybe not fancy enough, eh?  (At $13 for a case, it was hard to say no to these!)  They're so easy to do, but I think my oven will be on low for a couple days at least...I need to load up the dehydrator, too.

decorated bags for storing Halloween candy

Ernie found another money-making opportunity today: selling me her Halloween candy for a penny per piece. I love these sacks she's decorated to hold all her candy!  I really have no idea what HASAI means, or who the frowning rainbow-armed man is, or really anything about anything on these bags.  They sure are fabulous! (Ernie sold me 33 pieces, and Mimi sold me 13.)  I wonder- could they be the little firemen from Pucca?

Thank you for all your encouraging words yesterday- I'm going to really try and get my big girl panties on, and give it another go!

I think it's funny I signed up for an Art Every Day blogging challenge this month....but my art, so far, has been centered around the kitchen.  Well, I guess that's how it goes!

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Bobbi Lewin said...

Yummy! Salsa verde! mmmmmm:)

I love that your kids are selling you Halloween candy!