Friday, November 4, 2011

Couged It

Couging it: "To clutch defeat from the jaws of victory."  --Seth Kolloen *

  • It's cloudy and gray
  • It's cold
  • I'm living on Halloween candy and milk, and have lost a pound in the past half week
  • I've also been sick for the past half week.  Coincidence?
  • I volunteered to be in charge of deciding what food to buy and serve at a wedding reception next Friday.
  • I have an accounting degree, took pre-calculus four times studying a different curriculum each time (and yes, getting an A each time**, thankyouverymuch), took Calculus, and have a bachelors in ACCOUNTING.  Yet, the math required for this reception is beyond me.  How many slices of cheese will a person consume?  How many candied cranberries?  Do people eat candied cranberries, besides me?
  • I took my necklace inventory to a friend's shop today, to see if she'd be interested in stocking it.
  • She counseled me to double the chain length, change the chain color to something more antiqued, only offer solid color beads, and to nearly double the price.
  • She might consider stocking them as a favor to me.
  • My daughter peed on her shop floor.  I put her just outside the glass doors, and then turned to find her licking the doors.
  • I'm not going back there, am I?  Like, ever?****
*Yes, UW is my alma mater.***  Why do you ask?

** Thinking back, the lowest grade I received in my entire college career was marketing.  That doesn't bode well- can't I just sell things because they're AWESOME, and everyone knows it?  I don't have to tell them how awesome they are, right?  Because they are.  Awesome, that is.

*** The Cougars reside at UW's rival, Washington State University, aka. WSU, aka "wazzu."  They're kind of known as a cow-tipping, party school.  I'm not sure what they think of us- I probably don't want to know!

**** I left a necklace with my friend, that she admired, as a gift.  If she tells me that people admired it, then....well, we'll see.


Alexandra said...

Ha, ha about your daughter - sounds familiar! Last week in addition to pretending she was a cat(meowing and licking me), my daughter tried to flip up my skirt in public. Niiiice spectacle. ;)

Bobbi Lewin said...

Go back to the store with your double in price, very awesome necklaces! She's your friend and understands about little ones:)

Aunt LoLo said...

Ok, I listened to your voice mail 5 times...still never figured out what couging was. How do you SAY it??!