Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3rd

pewter-colored wire nest with one golden egg

This little nest is going in the mail tomorrow.  I LOVE the pewter-colored wire, especially with this gold!  I had just enough wire left to make this perfectly petite nest- I adore it.

I didn't tell you this, but I have been completely stressing over today.

So, obviously, I called my sister at o-dark-thirty this morning to say that today is a PERFECT day to go to the aquarium!  And, it was- we had an absolute ball :)  I'm so happy we purchased a membership this year.

We came home for naps, and I got the kitchen prep done for tonight's dinner.  I managed to invite an amazing assortment of people- have you ever tried to plan a meal for a group that includes 8 vegans, 1 diabetic, and a total of 9 children?  (We had 14 tonight, including us.)  For a grain-dependent girl like me, it was hard!  We ended up with jumble bowls, with brown rice, sauteed mushrooms, roasted broccoli, cucumbers, olives, corn, black beans, chicken strips, and quick rice vinegar cucumber pickles with sesame.  For dessert I made a cobbler with strawberries and plums...and shortening, stevia, and whole wheat flour.  I tried to mask the taste with extra vanilla extract and some almond extract- everyone licked their plates clean, and most of the kids came sniffing around for seconds.  (Well, the diabetic said no thanks...which kind of made me wish I'd used sugar in the beginning :)

I have a completely unreasonable fear, whenever I put together a party, that I will run out of food.  There must be enough of each dish for every guest to eat that dish, and ONLY that dish, and leave full.  Tonight, the only thing we finished off was the pickles, so I guess I made it through OK :)

While I was prepping before dinner, I gave the girls some packing paper and the cut end of my romaine lettuce- don't the stamps look like snow flakes?  This will make great wrapping paper at Christmas time!

stamping wrapping paper with a lettuce end


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