Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17th (Tomato Jam)

I'm sad I can't smell a darn thing today, because I've been told my kitchen smells AWESOME.

This tomato jam is simmering on the stove- lime juice, tomatoes, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and chili flakes?  For sure.

Clementines and limes are soaking for tomorrow's marmalade canning session.  Doesn't clementine and lime marmalade sound amazing?  I hope so- I'm making it up, and can't smell.  Hmm.

Yesterday I went through the salsa, so today I'm going through last year's marmalade- it seized up when I added some last minute sugar, but a big spoonful stirred into hot water?  Fantastic!  Cold and flu season is not for sissies...unfortunately, I'm a sissy :)

I still need to make a pie today- I invited a friend for dinner, and then had to bail at the last minute, something came up for tonight.  Did she want to have dinner with me after the kids go to bed?  Because I won't say no to eating a meal with an that won't pitch a fit over who gets the pink cup, or whether the sauce touched her noodles, and can I please cut everything??  She's bringing the salad, I'm making dinner...and there must be pie.  On girls night, there MUST be pie.  I think I'm going to give a pumpkin mousse pie a dry run- it's on the docket for Thanksgiving, but I've never made it before.  But, I haven't roasted my pumpkins yet.  So it will probably be apple cranberry...because I have 45 pounds of apples...

(Watch for another post today- I have a deal on a steam-punky pocket watch necklace that I LOVE.  Sigh.)

What I made today?  Tomato jam.  Lots of marmalade.


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