Thursday, November 10, 2011

Getting Ready for Naps

Blurry, but that's life










post sister kiss

These monkeys.  Sigh.  Good thing they're so cute, right?  I dragged them all over creation today.

  • 8:00-10:30 "Please go get dressed so we can go."  Yeah, it took that long.  I finally went and put Cocoa in the car, and THAT convinced the girls to stop dancing around in their princess undies....
  • 10:30-12:30 Drive across town to the restaurant supply store, to get all the perishables for tomorrow's wedding reception.  I'm a nut job, I know, I know.  But...I kind of feel like I owe the universe at least one good wedding reception deal, after all the help we got with mine!  But yeah, mostly I'm a nut job.  (Wait till you see pictures of my NEXT project.)
  • 12:30-1:30 Drive across town to deliver everything that needs chopping, to the lady who organized volunteers to do the chopping.  And we chatted a little bit, because it turns out that she's the most darling, kind, wise, sane, calm lady I've met in a looong time.  I kind of wish we could be buds, but her youngest is my age, so maybe she'd feel a little weird about that?
  • Drive home for lunch- I forgot that I let the girls pick out a cookie each at the store, and they chose the 4-inch, pink frosted, sprinkle-bedecked behemoths of a sugar cookie.  (I think these are a regional thing.)  Mimi took her bread and cheese, tore it into confetti, and then piled it high on her plate- she made a PIE.  Good grief.
  • Put Cocoa down for his nap, send Mimi to use the toilet, and put the girls in bed.
  • The girls are still shrieking and playing around.  Tuck them in again.
  • Go back one more time....and drag Mimi to the shower.  Poopy Princess Panties.  Gah.
I spent the rest of nap time cleaning the kitchen, getting some spreadsheets up to date, and hiding downstairs with Cocoa and my phone, gabbing with my sister and waiting for the girls to wake up.  As soon as Mimi woke up, an hour after Ernie, we all piled into the car to meet up with their cousins for Ernie's first Tae Kwan Do lesson at the Y- they're really great about letting kids "audit" the class once or twice to see if they like it.  Ernie LOOVED it, but I didn't love the time (5-6 pm.)  Cocoa, Mimi, and I spent the class time running to the new Asian market in town, Jing Jing, to get sterno and pomegranates for tomorrow's reception, and stock up on things like spring roll wrappers, air-dried whole grain ramen, persimmons....and panda cookies.  What's a trip to the asian market without a package of panda cookies?  (They're hollow and crispy, with a frosting filling inside, and a picture of a panda printed on the outside.)

We were happy to find out that Wonder Daddy had some time in between work and rehearsals for an upcoming show tonight, and got to have dinner with us!

And my day.  What did I make?  Umm...a pile of stuff for the reception.  A pile of laundry that needs to be washed.  A new friend.  


Su said...

My goodness. Phew! :) Reading your post made me realize that I don't use my time wisely... hahaha! You are AMAZING!

Bobbi Lewin said...

What a bunch of sweeties!