Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 19th

I don't expect great things today- it's nearly lunch time, I'm in bed with crunchy cereal, tissues, and marmalade toast, and I'm only getting up to feed the baby. I'll have to do something outside of this room eventually, but for now I'm playing nursemaid to myself, because I can!

Wonder Daddy is marching the kids through their chores today (mwah!!), and they'll spend the rest of the morning present shopping. I'm supposed to go Zumba this afternoon, and my friend's birthday party is downtown tonight. It's happening 8 pm till 2 am....just a titch past my bedtime, eh? We shall see, I'm thinking I'm not partying today!


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What I Did Today said...

Hope you're feeling better today! I swear we've been sick almost all of November. My kids had colds for two weeks and then got better for a week and a half and then yesterday they woke up with green goo and coughs!! Sooooooo not fair! On a more positive note, I made your brown sugar buttermilk pie and I cannot WAIT to eat it today! Happy Thanksgiving!