Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7th

I can't remember if I got up at 4:45 or 5:45 today.  Is anyone else having trouble with the time change?  I know Cocoa is!  (aka Wonder Boy.)

Today I fixed my little sister's necklace- I don't know why I forgot about it for so long, all it needed was a jump ring and some super good eye sight to put it all back together!  (Oh yeah, my friend the wrist brace was back this morning- it's off now, no idea why it was so sore this morning!)

fixed Bert's necklace

I snapped some other pictures-

My nest supplies.  It makes me so happy to pull out this box, and have everything right there- all my chains and clasps and beads.  (Wire is in another box.)  Most of the colorful beads are dyed turquoise beads.

nest necklace supplies

Ernie aced her cumulative test today- we're 1/3 of the way through her first grade curriculum!  We just wrapped up the fractions unit in math.  At the library, she loves to get Magic School Bus, Horrible Harry, Betsy and Tacy, Berenstein Bears, George and Martha, and Arthur books.  After school she ran up and begged permission to go do a paragraph.  Umm....Ok!  Sure!

If you look close, you will see that she made an unecessary addendum to that word- it's just a GRAPH :)
drawing a "paragraph"

These are our two newest residents, Stella and Hazel.  (By the way, that's what was written on those Halloween bags, and the little men were Halloween Goblins.)  These two make me pretty happy, in their shiny bowl with pretty stones.

Stella and Hazel

They make Mimi happy too



Alexandra said...

She looks so proud to be doing her school work. I'm glad she is enjoying it. Nice fishies.

Bobbi Lewin said...

I used to love the Betsy and Tacy stories as a girl. I just discovered there is a Betsy and Tacy society and houses in Minnesota!

Aunt LoLo said...

Happy fish, happy girls. :-)