Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Morning Session Live Blogging

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf (personal testimony, missionary work)

  • Don't look for a dramatic event to convince you to believe
  • If you look to believe in Christ, you will find Him
  • "Strive to be among those the Lord can rely on."
  • Think of others, don't miss most prfound experiences
  • God notices and minds us, meets needs through others.  We cananswer others prayers
  • Be on feet to meet needs, after knees
  • By being answer to others prayers, we find answers to our own
  • Some would rather pull a handcart than bring up gospel.  We have a GLAD message!
Paul V. Johnson (Trials)
  • No trial we endure is wasted: builds character, makes us more charitable
  • Trials precede blessings
  • Growth can't come by taking the easy way
  • Not one of our trials is beyond our limits, BECAUSE WE HAVE CHRIST'S HELP
H. David Burton (Presiding Bishop) (Church welfare program)
  • The Church of Christ is interested in the temporal welfare of man.  Can not receive message of gospel until temporal help is received!
  • As long as we have resources, we will not let you go without food, clothing, shelter
  • Personal responsibility and self-reliance
  • We do not help people, but help people help themselves
  • Self-reliance is a result of provident living.  As much as you can, assume responsibility 
  • avoid debt, be thrifty, prepare for bad times, follow the prophet, know needs vs. wants, live accordingly
  • Society is woven from charity
  • 75th anniversary of church welfare program
Silvia H. Alred (Service)
  • Love and serve one another: essence of discipleship, purpose of the church of Christ
  • Did anyone else just hear her say to help families of hungry bears?  Was it humble prayers?
  • When members do all they can to meet their own needs, the Church stands ready to help.  (I've been president of the Relief Society before, in a previous ward.  This is SO TRUE.  It's a beautiful thing to see.  Relief Society is our women's organization, but it was organized to be a charitable organization.)
Elder David A. Bednar (Revelation)
  • We can receive revelation if we ask in faith, with an honest heart, believing that we'll receive.
  • How can we reject Devil's enticements, to be more receptive to the spirit?
  • Some are immediate, intense (turn on a light bulb)
  • Some gradual, in small increments. According to desire, worthiness, preparation (sun rising)
  • I just realized how I can receive revelation as a mother.
  • Don't underestimate your spiritual capacity because you don't receive huge, striking experiences.
  • Picture a sun rising in the fog: sometimes you don't know you've been receiving revelation
  • \
Choir: "Have I Done Any Good" (I see a LOOOT of new faces today!)

President Thomas S. Monsaon (hooray!)
  • Bishop has responsibility to care for those in need within boundaries of his ward
  • Called as prophet 3 years ago, has enjoyed dedicating/re-dedicating temples
  • 26 temples in construction, pre-construction stages!
  • People sacrifice so much to attend the temple- stories of people who save for years, and travel thousands of miles.
  • Temple work is ours to do
  • Always be worthy to go to the temple
  • Have a picture of the temple in every bed room?  Children learn it is part of their lives.
  • Rome temple being built in one of the most historic cities in the world- apostles taught and were martyred there.  
  • Make sacrifices necessary to attend temple, have spirit of the temple in our hearts and homes.
Choir:  "The Spirit of God" opened with an amazing men's trio- fantastic arrangement!

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