Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

decorating eggs

Happy Easter, everyone!  True to form, I'm dashing off a quick note while the dishes wait and the baby is asleep.  We enjoyed some absolutely AMAZING weather this weekend- sunny, breezy, warm, and just wonderful.  Sadly, it only lasted an evening and a day, and we're back to cold, gray drizzle.  But I have photos, and I spent HOURS in the sunshine yesterday, so my Vitamin D batteries are a bit recharged.


Umm.  My daughter just walked in and handed me a tooth.  Toof.  What?!  I hope the Tooth Fairy knows how to get here, it will be her first visit!

We're all so happy that Tax  Season is over.


I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter!  We'll be celebrating with all the family in the area, and my little brother is home from college for the weekend.  I'm hoping to get one GOOOOD photo of us all together.  The last good picture of everyone happened....umm...never.  Yeah, it's never happened.  But we did get a nice picture of all the grandkids (my generation) about 15 years ago.  All the little girls are dressed up in their fancy dresses....Baby C had a snazzy little outfit on, but he spit on it during church.  BOOO.  Lavender shirt, pin-striped grey trousers and vest, little purple tie....he looked very much like the young men where we go to church.  So colorful!  So dapper!  His dad was having a field day getting the boy dressed this morning...I think I'm realizing what it looks like to the dads when us moms go gaga over little dresses and headbands for our girls.  :)



Elizabeth said...

Hi, Myrnie -It looks like you had a wonderful Easter. We had a good one, too, but I do wish for more Spring-like weather. :( So glad you were able to get outside.

Yes, Mark is able to be here for supper. It works for now. We'll see what life brings in the future. :)

Whatcha up to today?

Su said...

Hi Myrnie, I'm glad you had some semblance of good weather. Us too! It was nice to be able to chat with our neighbours instead of rushing into the house in order to escape the cold.