Monday, April 11, 2011

Save Your Mayo Lids, Save Your Ruined Jam, Save Your Dry Cake

My public announcements for the day: Mayonnaise jar lids fit on canning jars.

mayo jar lid
If you make a batch of jam, and don't believe the people who say you can NEVER double a batch of jam, and your jam doesn't set...congratulations, you've made strawberry syrup. Put it in your milk, on your ice cream, and maybe even on your sandwiches. It's just like the squeezable jam I've seen at the grocery store!

runny jam
If you make a loaf cake, and it's a few days old, you can always stick a slice in the toaster, top with a dollop of Samoa Cookie ice cream, and douse it in strawberry syrup. It will cheer you up, I promise!

yogurt cake and ice cream


Alexandra said...

Droool - gimme' cake! :)

Su said...

It's true. I started to drool as well....
Cake does taste better with ice cream, doesn't it?

What I Did Today said...

Hahaha! That's so cool. And thanks for giving me the munchies.