Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Spring Event

party collage
To properly celebrate the official arrival of Spring, we had some friends over for our Spring Event! Half class party, half playtime free-for-all, Ernie really looks forward to our seasonal "Events." To keep tiny fingers occupied, we made a sticky collage garland of backwards facing packing tape, with a bowl of crepe paper confetti.
party streamers
We hung our rainbow order streamers, and later everyone chose their favorite color streamer for some fancy dancing (and fancy freezing into fancy poses.)

All the kids decorated paper sacks for our egg hunt- a neat trick I learned from another mom, there was the same number of eggs for each child, and every egg had a symbol on it. Mimi's sack had a smiley face, and so she picked up all her smiley face eggs. And so on. It makes the hunt last a little longer, and puts big and little kids on a more even playing field. Plus, I didn't have to *hide* 60 eggs, I could drop clumps of eggs in the corners and on chairs, and it was just as fun.  All of Ernie's friends have siblings about Mimi's age, so these parties always end up being two in one. It's hard to keep two distinct age groups occupied with the same activities! We ended with sandwiches cut into fancy shapes, slices of apple, and fancy "ice cream parfaits" just like in Ernie's "Fancy Nancy" cookbook.

Happy Spring everyone!


Su said...

It sounds like so much fun! You are so good with the kids.

PS - can't see the pics, unfortunately

Aunt LoLo said...

It was great. *Grin* good job!!

Su said...

Oooo I see them now. Very colorful and pretty