Monday, April 4, 2011


Did you all have a nice weekend?  I did!  FOUR sessions of a church conference in two days....8 hours of listening to amazing speakers...I loved it.  I love listening to it at home, so that if something really catches my fancy, I can rewind just a bit to listen to it again!  If you ever wonder why we're so bent on proselyting and missionary work...imagine that you just discovered the most AMAZING chocolate cake in the world, and you're in a country that hasn't even tasted chocolate.  I mean, wouldn't you run around telling as many people as you could, asking if they wanted to take a bite of your cake?  Or just pass out the recipe?

Haha.  OK, the metaphor is a stretch, I know, but now my notes are where I can find them again!  And if you're ever curious what a prophet would say NOW....he said to be nice.  

If you're here for updates on Mr. Man, he does a lot of this:

And then this:

Followed shortly by this:

Hello, big eyes!  We've made it two months...I *think* the family is adjusting.  It feels like we are, but it's been rocky.  It would have been BOULDERY without amazing family swooping in to help, from yard work and house work, to just playing with the girls or being there for me to talk to.  The big kid isn't out of the woods yet in her adjustment period- we spent hours at the pediatrician's today, taking blood samples and x-rays, and then coming back a few hours later with poo cups (HOORAY!)  I tell you, I was so proud of that girl for how well she did today.  If we'd been just a bit earlier in the day, we would have driven straight to the store for her long requested Pillow Pet.

 As it was, I let her have a LOT of time with my my new-to-me i-thingy (what do you call an iPhone that isn't being used as a phone, so it now effectively an iPod Touch?  That's what I have.)  I doodled around on it yesterday, and made it to the third level of Angry Birds.  She threw birds so well today, she nearly finished level five.  Hmmph.

In other news, I'm not looking so hot.  BUT, I show you this picture so that I have the highest level of motivation NOT look like this any longer than I have to!  Ha.  Two years ago I started jogging, and now I can just speed walk that same route, but it will come!  Anyone else looking to make some changes this year?  I could use a support group!  Oh come on, it will be fun!  We'll tell each other what we weigh!  Heehee...


Anonymous said...

I think you look pretty. :) It's only been 2 months. You can go back and look at my 2-month postpartum pictures if you want to feel better. ;)

Aunt LoLo said...

Love that Big Eyes picture!!!

Ticia said...

That big eyes picture is AWESOME!

What I Did Today said...

Conference was great! I've got a lot of catching up to do on the Sundays sessions (Ash decided to have breathing issues/croup), but it'll be good to go over everything anyway. Mr. Man is just so juicy and delicious! Would love to squeeze those cheeks! I could use some motivation in the exercise department but short of coming over and dragging me out of the house, I'm just not gonna be consistant. So, I really admire your determination!

Bobbi Lewin said...

Love those big eyes! So sweet:) And you are a beautiful mama!

Sam said...

I think you look gorgeous. And your baby is soooo cute.