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Saturday Morning Session Live Blogging

Twice a year, the LDS church hosts a "General Conference."  Church leaders speak, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Sings, and it takes place in the large conference center in Salt Lake City.  There are four main sessions (morning and afternoon, Saturday and Sunday) and 1 smaller session for the Priesthood (men aged 12 and up.)  There is a special broadcast for the women the week before the October conference, and a special broadcast for the young women and leaders (ages 12-18) the week before the April conference.  The conference is broadcast all over the world by satellite to every LDS church building in the world.  It's also carried on cable (BYU TV), and is available to viewed live over the internet (  Archives are available in about 60 different languages, and more as written text.

So...obviously, I'm going to live blog it :o)  I'm here, holding a baby, the girls are sitting in their dad's lap, and I'm feeling very blessed.  If you ever wonder what a prophet would say now...this is it.  Everyone with an Elder preceding his name is an apostle.  Other men are from the Quorums of the 70 (they travel around the world visiting congregations and teaching).  Women's positions are noted.  This is a mix of thoughts that occurred to me as they spoke, and synopses of their messages.


The opening song made me cry, it was so gorgeous.  It was new, and I didn't write down the name- I'll have to go check the archives.  Between the arrangement, the harmonics, and the acoustics in the conference center...tears.  It was that nice.

Elder Tom Perry:
Am I an example of the believers?  Do people see me, and think of Christ?

Jean A. Stevens, Primary 1st Counselor:

  • Raising children helps us become more like Heavenly Father.  Too true!!
  • Listening to her makes my sleeping baby smile.
  • Children can be an example, in their pure faith and devotion.
  • "Except ye be converted and become like little children, ye shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven."
  • "God gave us families to help us become what He wants us to be"
Walter F. Gonzalez:
  • We invite millions to "Come and see what we can ADD to your lives."  
  • Show our love for Christ by being kind to others
  • Show our love for Christ by keeping covenants
  • Show our love for Christ by making covenants, ordinances
  • To remember covenants, attend temple, keep 
"I Know That My Redeemer Lives" (choir and congregation)

Kent Richards:
  • "Pain is a gauge of the healing process, and also teaches us patience"
Elder Quentin L. Cook:
  • LDS women are incredible: strength, virtue, love, willingness to sacrifice tor raise children
  • Families and women have preeminent role
  • Wives are equal to husbands, work side by side
  • No woman should ever feel less because she's raising children, not working
  • We should never judge if a woman chooses to work outside the home
  • "The errand of angels is given to do the will of the Father."
Choir "I Know He Lives"  So beautiful to hear this arrangement of the song E has been practicing all year in Primary.

President Henry B. Eyring
  • Opportunities to help others in need
  • words to "Have I Done Any Good"
  • Feel sympathy, feel wake up call, act on covenants
  • Bless children by letting THEM serve.  Let them carry the meal, pull the weeds, hand the fast offering envelope to the Bishop.
  • Receive help --> learn to be self-reliant --> share excess
  • "You can not give yourself poor in this work"
  • Working together knits hearts
  • Draw your family into work, so they can learn to help each other.
  • Seek out the poor (and have Relief Society Presidents' help! :)  
  • Plan Service Project: 1) Prepare yourself and those you lead Spiritually.  2)  Choose those whose needs will touch hearts of those who serve.  3)  Draw on bonds of families, quorums, groups.  Feelings of unity will multiply good feelings (??)
  • "I love this work and it is WORK!"
"High On The Mountain Top" Choir arrangement.  TWO organists, E is impressed!

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