Monday, July 2, 2012

Family Reunion, Part Two

We're walking through my archives as my family takes a road trip through Idaho and Utah to visit family.  We have finished camping, and arrived at a large lodge in Logan Canyon, Utah.  We'll stay here for the weekend for the big Family Reunion.

Jun 24
Saturday!  Everyone but Ernie woke up around 7:00- she slept in till after 8:00!  The girls spent the morning running around with cousins.  I went into town to do a load of laundry.  You know me- I drove 15 miles the wrong way up the canyon, figured out that south was NOT what I wanted, and turned around.  Good thing it's a beautiful canyon!  Almost got in three more accidents, in town.  People here are SO nice and SUCH bad drivers!  I did our laundry, and drove around town attempting to follow the directions ( go a little ways THAT way, and go behind a shop called Whimsy's) of a nice shop keeper to a shop she thought might sell a particular natural remedy I wanted.  Well, I finally found the shop behind the laundromat, and the shopkeeper had never heard of arnica.  She'd be happy to sell me a healing crystal though, or a $30 bottle of lavender oil.  ($7 in my local shop.). Oh well!

We spent the afternoon at the beach- what a beautiful day!!  We took a turn around the lake on cousin Rich's boat with the girls and some cousins.  The lake is SO blue- I've been told it's because of minerals in the water.  The towns all get their water from mountain springs, and the water commission controls the Bear River to send water down the Wasatch front.

I bathed all the kids when we got home-  you could not see through the water by the time we were done!   Wonder Daddy helped his family with their kitchen duty assignment while I took care of cleaning up the kids.  Uncle Don and Grandpa built a fire for s'mores in the evening, and Aunt Debby introduced us to pieces of milky way bars, wrapped in crescent roll dough, skewered, and roasted over the coals.  Veryyyy rich!

The kids and I went to bed at 11, Wonder Daddy stayed up checking on work mail and chatting with family.

Saturday done!  SPF 50 sunblock, hats, SPF shirts, and shade for the baby at the beach= no burns.  Woot!




Deer Head



welcome to Beaver Creek Lodge!

somebody is ready for Sunday

playing ball on the lawn

Milky Way wrapped up in crescent roll dough

The S'mores Crowd

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