Friday, July 13, 2012

To the Beach!

We stole away for a day and headed north to my folks' little island beach bungalow.

I love it there.

We didn't get on the road till about 10:30, and stopped for lunch before we caught a ferry across the channel.  Oops.  HUGE line- we ended up with a bunch of time to kill before there was a ferry with enough room for us, but the kids didn't mind one single bit.

(I have a ton of pictures to share- this story will take a few days!)



We didn't arrive till about 1:30, which actually got us there just after the morning fog burned off.  That water there is very deep, and very fast.  We see big tankers coming through sometimes.


Mom made this little path through an arbor of wild roses- at first, she thought to keep the deer out of the yard, and there was a gate attached to the metal arbor.  If I remember the story right, a deer ran straight through it, and took the gate along for the ride!  Strong deer.

The cabin is next to a large wildlife preserve- this is part of the boggy part.  It's a complete soup under all those reeds!


Thanks for letting us visit, Mom and Dad!!

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J. said...

Wow. What a beautiful area! I'm duly envious.