Monday, July 9, 2012

Party Time!

Carrying the "cake"


So excited to open presents!

Ernie was over the moon excited to have her "friend" birthday party.  A forecast of lightning (?!?!) moved our party from the beach to our home, but that didn't dampen the birthday girl's spirits!

flower punched cucumber slices

She requested a menu of donuts, strawberries, grapes, and cucumbers.  YUM.  Pinterest supplied a last-minute idea of punching the cucumbers in little flower shapes- they were the first snack bowl to empty!

Sid the Science Kid video!!

(She really, really, really likes her new "Sid the Science Kid" video.  Really.)

I meant to teach the girls how to finger-knit bracelets, but a quick lesson with my two girls before the party showed me that I'd rather throw all the children out the window that attempt to teach them what it means to take some yarn BEHIND a finger.  No, behind.  No, the other side.  Yes,, not like that.  Let me show you again.

Whatever.  It took me ten minutes to make enough bracelets for everyone to take home (anyone here want a bracelet?  Seriously.  They're coming out my ears.  And I think they're pretty cute :)

finger-knit jersey bracelet

The kids also took home little lollipop flowers in their goody bags (along with some trinkets my husband picked up at the store, because he's darling, and did my errands for me that morning.)
lollipop flowers- party favors