Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Independence Day

In years past, we have carted my family up to my parents' driveway to shoot off fireworks.  They were in the (enviable??) position of NOT being incorporated into any city.  Since fireworks were legal in our county, but not in any of the local cities of town, WIN!  We had fun.

They are incorporated now.  Boo.  Especially since we only found that out AFTER we picked up a mondo pack of fireworks at a truck stop in Idaho.  (Yes, really.  It was a super nice truck stop, OK?  There was a gym in the basement!)


Aunt LoLo showed us how to make guards out of big cups, for a bit of protection from flying sparks.  Yes, one eventually melted a bit (you have to keep the burning part of the sparkler AWAY from the cup, little girl.  Just hold onto the tip.)




LoLo and I were in mommy-tographer heaven.  Kids are doing something cute, dads are there to help the kids, SCORE!


We had really tame, fun, fireworks: sparklers, some little fountains, sooty snakes, and some little "crackers."  Nothing moving.  Nothing too loud.  Nothing scary (except sparklers- everyone got two, and we were done.)

Wonder Daddy had the lighting honors.

Cocoa wandered.

He wandered far.

I love these summer days.  It makes me wonder why, when we home school, life doesn't always feel like this.  We've started school already, so that's the same (except when we have guests or something comes up- we start super early so we have plenty of time to take breaks when we need to!)  I need to think about next year's schedule, and what I want it to be, and how to make it that way.

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