Monday, July 16, 2012

The Island

At my parents' getaway cabin, my dad does the big projects- repairing foundations, jacking up a sagging guest house, etc.  Mom does the "futzing."  She orders the furniture, and makes things wonderful.  This little path is something she spent an afternoon on, arranging spare pieces of wood just so.



She collects beautiful things on the beach, too!

Funny story, one day after a storm they saw a big picnic bench floating in the water near shore.  Dad waded in and brought it out (brrrr!), and they enjoyed having a place to sit besides driftwood logs.  Well, until another big storm carried it away again.  I hope someone else is enjoying that bench!

Whenever we visit, the girls are each allowed to bring home one special rock.  I found one that was perfectly egg shaped, and felt wonderful in my hand.  Mimi found one that was baby-smooth...and weighs a pound or two.  Cocoa loves to throw it.  (Oh yeah, he's got an awesome arm now.  Watch out!)


Bobbi Lewin said...

I love the picnic bench story! How funny:)

Alexandra said...

My kinda' place! We live near the beach and one of my favorite things to do is walk along a deserted beach finding "treasures". What a wonderful vacation and location.