Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Family Reunion, Part Four

We're reading through the e-mail updates I've sent my family over the last little bit, while taking a week-long car trip through Idaho and Utah.

Jun 26
Monday was checkout day from the Beaver Creek Lodge in Logan Canyon, Utah.  Check out time was 11:00- we knew Grandpa would want to leave earlier, probably at 10:00.  We under-estimated him- he was vacuuming the deck at 7:30, and chomping at the bit at 9:00.  Time to go!
(Yes, he vacuumed the deck- he REALLY wanted to get that cleaning deposit back!!)

I stayed in the room until it was time to go, hopping around and packing the totes.  Wonder Daddy brought my breakfast up, and his parents helped him load the car.  We hit the road, heading south in a caravan through the Logan Canyon, at 9:30.  Not bad at all!

The Logan Canyon is beautiful- lots of green trees, cliffs, and caves.  Rich recommended we drive it- he was right!  I kept my foot wrapped and elevated most of the trip, it was hurting a lot.

We spent the afternoon with my MIL's parents and sister's family in South Weber, Utah.

As the afternoon progressed, I was able to hobble and limp more.  By the time we left at 5:30 for photos in the park, I could walk perfectly, with no pain.  Perhaps God had mercy for a busy mom who wasn't careful enough on some uneven stairs?

We took family pictures in the park.  The photographer was great at posing the groups, very patient with the amount of finagling it took to work through all the various permutations of family groupings we could think up, with all the kids it entailed.  And, we weren't too close together :). I'm excited to get the files from that shoot!!

We rented hotel rooms in town- I was so grateful!  After the park, Wonder Daddy stayed with his cousins and siblings to play board games and I caravaned to the hotel.  My FIL helped me get kids and pajamas inside.  I got everyone into the tub and into bed by 10:30.  Hooray!  They slept great, the bed was super comfortable, the AC was efficient, my foot was healed, and a good night in the hotel!


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