Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Family Reunion, Part Three

Jun 26
Church day in a Mormon vacation spot is no joke!!!  The building in Garden City (the town at the end of Logan Canyon, on Bear Lake) is a big one.  Not so many classrooms, but the sacrament hall and gym looked regulation sized.  The congregation filled the sacrament hall, overflow, gym, stage, relief society room, primary room, Sunday school room, and the scout room.  I counted twenty five empty water trays in the kitchen, that held 36 cups each.

When the bishop announced the choir special musical number, he invited anyone who would like to join them!  We got four of us up on the stand, to sing with about 30 other folks- we heard later that the ward choir has six people in it :). We did a hymnplicity and it was fun :)

After Sacrament Meeting, all those vacationing folks went home!!  Of our group, 12 of us stayed.  Perhaps 50 people in Sunday School, Ernie had class with two other kids (both residents.). We were surprised to see that, but someone pointed out that the classes were incredible- for the most part they were just led discussions, and the room was full of ONLY people who made a choice to make attending a priority.  All three hours were incredible- what a great Sunday!!

After church we stopped at a bluff in the canyon, overlooking the lake to snap some photos.  We went back for lunch, and had a family meeting.  Grandpa spoke about some experiences and miracles in his life.  He gave advice, and told everyone he loved them. Grandma spoke a bit, just to say how proud she was of everyone.

After that, we broke into families, my father-in-law spoke to us all.  We had a little birthday party for Ernie- Nana bought Twinkies and Ding Dongs, jazzed them up with sparkly glitter gel and sugar paste flowers, and made up a little tower on a plate- it was sweet :). Ernie got Arietty, an anatomy book, and a Kids National Geographic book with pages about everything you could possibly imagine from us.  Nana and Grandpa gave her a pack of Magic Treehouse books and an "Explorer" Polly Pocket set.  What a fun day for her!  (Nana covered our room entry in streamers and a banner this morning before we got up :)

Later, we all got together for pictures on the back lawn- I was carrying my big camera down the concrete steps and slipped my footing, and my foot landed sideways on the next step.  I limped around taking and posing the family shots, but later I couldn't put any weight on it at all!  It swelled up a bit, and I spent the rest of the day hopping on one foot.

It was hot and long- after the group shots, my in-law's group trooped out into the scrub for some self timer shots- Ernie started fussing, she wanted to be done.  When we were done, she was white as a ghost and sobbing- Wonder Daddy carried her to the kitchen, and all the kids had some cookies and juice.  Poor thing :(

Everyone stayed up late playing games in the common room- we all went to bed around 11:00 again.

So that's Sunday!  Incredible church, a completed photo session (that was by no means artistic, but it got the job done), a birthday, and a suspected sprain or fracture.  Whee!  It was a pretty good day :)


Elizabeth's birthday banner

Birthday girl!





Grandma and Grandpa with Jay Wiser family

Jay Wiser family

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