Monday, May 24, 2010

What We Ate

Quick run down of the eats around here.  Living proof that leftovers, pantry staples, and $20 worth of farmer's market veggies can go a long, delicious way.  Oh, and some blue cheese.

Monday was leftover redo night- rice and salmon from Sunday's dinner with my parents.  My sister walked me through the first part- the trick is to lightly cook a little garlic and ginger in hot oil before adding your veggies, meat, and rice (in order of longest cooking time to shortest.)  I threw in a fat bundle of pea vines for the veggie.

fried rice with salmon, asparagus, pea vines

Tuesday, I finally remembered to start dinner early enough to make Ernie's long requested and long awaited sushi.  (Spicy tuna salad, avocado, and steamed asparagus were the fillings tonight.)
sushi: avocado, spicy tuna with asparagus, spicy asparagus

Wednesday was hot and sour soup night.  (Chicken broth based, with bok choy and tofu- I changed the recipe up a bit.)  Wonder Daddy wasn't home.  One of those nights where I was left wondering "Why do I bother cooking?"  Then I ate my soup, and remembered: I really, really like good food.
My dinner:
Hot and Sour Soup

Mimi's Dinner:

Ernie's Dinner:
sushi bowl
Leftover sushi rice, ochazuke wakame furikake, and spicy tuna salad

Lots of bread this week.  Thursday I made a double batch of my cinnamon swirl bread- roll the bread dough out really flat, dump a bunch of brown sugar and cinnamon on, and roll up tight as you can.  This was  HUGE hit at the piano recital, especially with the dads.  At least, the dads were the only ones gutsy enough to run at me yelling "This is FANTASTIC!"  One was hungry enough to be giddy when I pointed to an entire extra loaf on the counter and told him to help himself when the plate was empty.  Awwww...I love feeding people :)

Tried out a new kind of swirled loaf, on a whim.  FLIPPIN' FANTASTIC.  Stupid delicious out of the oven, and still addicting even when it was cold.  Wheat dough + blue cheese + sliced almonds.  Just try it, you'll love it.

blue cheese-almond swirl wheat loaf

(The sun has officially left for the week- look how gray this picture is!!)

Friday was scrambled eggs with garlic chives, and stir-fried pea vines.  (I won't be getting pea vines again- no one else in this house would eat them.)  Girls wouldn't eat the eggs, and when I set leftovers out with out breakfast on Saturday, they got left on the counter for hours while I went to a baby shower.  Hmmm.... my kids don't like scrambled eggs anymore, and I think....everyone is getting tired of my huge batches of greens from the market.  Kale all winter, now bok choy, garlic chives, asparagus...I totally understand- they have a strong taste, they're (mostly) leaves (Ernie has never willingly eaten a leaf in her life), they're new....but I think I have to press on anyway.  If we're going to have produce in our diets, and there's a cheap/plentiful/local option...I'm going to take the local option.


Teresa said...

You amaze me with all you culinary delight.=)

Aunt LoLo said...

Press on!!!! And when in doubt - CHOP IT UP. That's the only way to get veggies into Siu Jeun lately. I SWORE I would never be that Mom...but last week it was pumpkin tikka masala, and last night it was napa cabbage chopped into meat for meatballs.

Elizabeth G. said...

It's snowing here today! How is it out your way? I'm so happy I am late planting. My friends are losing their plants.

Okay, recipe for spicy tuna salad, please. Also, what is that crazy thing with the long funny name, which I'm not going to even try to type? Is the salmon from a baked fish or from a can?

I love the make sushi when I have time. I love sushi rice.

Okay, I would love it and I'm sure many others would as well, if you would explain how you live on storage items, etc. and only spend about $120 a month on grocery items....Share!

We had Todd D. Christofferson at our Stake High Priest Fireside last night. He was great.

How was your Sabbath?

Su said...

SO cool. I could totally eat like that! (Hubby may revolt. He will revolt kindly and sheepishly, but he will miss his meat. That's what I get for marrying a man from the prairies)

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

I'm trying to get more greens into my family's diet, too. Hard sometimes, but worth it, I think. I always try letting everyone have it undisguised, because you never know - we might like it a lot - but I'm totally not above chopping it up and hiding it in things. :) The other day we had a scrumptious cherry smoothie that was full of greens. The kids called it ice cream and loved it. :)