Thursday, May 20, 2010

CSN Stores

I was excited when CSN contacted me about doing a review on my blog- ran over to check out their lighting section first, because we've been day dreaming about replacing the teeny chandelier in our foyer ever since we moved in.  But oh, they have kids' actually got a little distracted.  There are over 200 "CSN" stores!

Doesn't this chandelier look like the one in Beauty and the Beast?  (I think we had an identical one when I was growing up- I LOVED that chandelier!)
Maxim Lighting - 7105PB - Early American Twenty Light Chandelier
Kenroy Home - 44305BS-LAVA - Medici 5 Light Chandelier with Lava Modelli

I love how different this one looks- kind of like a bird cage!

Kichler - 40001OLZ - Renwick Five Light Large Chandelier with Downlight in Oiled Bronze

OK, because I can't keep out of the toy sections, check these out!

Love this- it's like a perpetual puzzle!
Guidecraft Flower Match Garden Patch

These are just classic.  (And at $8, pretty well-priced too.)
Guidecraft Stack 'N Sort Barrels

What would you DO with this?  Or rather, what WOULDN'T you do with a Bilbo?
Bilibo Play Shell in Orange

OK, I think Mimi would flip over these blocks.
edushape Giant 32-Piece Toy Block Set

THIS.  Just look at this.  Pop one in, another ball pops could go for hours.  Literally, I think Ernie would pound these balls for hours.
Plan Toys Preschool Miracle Pounding

So tell me... what would YOU order to do a review on?


Ticia said...

It's hard to choose isn't it? I'd be tempted by that first chandelier. I agree it looks like Beauty and the Beast my FAVORITE Disney Princess.

Elizabeth said...

I like the birdcage light fixture. It's awesome.

How are you doing this week?

LunaMoonbeam said...

Umm...I'm going to review a pair of galoshes. 'Cause, ya know, I'm moving to Rainy City. Heh.

Su said...

Oooh... that's pretty hard to pick. But I guess I'd pick a chandelier too. It's practical. You need a chandelier, they have plenty..... :)

Alexandra said...

Cool toys! My daughter would love the blocks as well.