Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Week's Meals

Totally missed the boat on Meal Planning Monday- I forgot to ever plan anything!

But, we've had some good (and bad) stuff this week.  Here it is!

Our treat for the week was snickerdoodles.  I love snickerdoodles.  (I see I haven't posted our recipe- I'll try and fix that soon.  They're awesome.)

Made bread to replace Tuesdays doughy batch.  Forgot the oven was at 400 for the snickerdoodles- they're a bit dark!  Still haven't re-found my baking mojo.

Monday's dinner was eaten at the Costco food court, until Mimi spilled her lemonade, my purse fell off my lap into the puddle when I stood up, and I yelled ENOUGH! and shoved everyone's food into my (soggy) purse.  We bought 4 pounds of strawberries, along with flour, sugar, rice, bullion, milk, butter, pajamas, brown sugar, and powdered sugar.  We ate about half of the strawberries when we got home, along with the remainders of everyone's hot dogs.  It was an interesting night.

Tuesday was peanut butter and bread, with a little tuna salad thrown in for the lucky (quick) ones.  Remember, that was a rough day too.

Wednesday was a lot better.  Fresh biscuits, pan grilled asparagus from the market, and scrambled duck eggs with garlic chives.  Yum.
asparagus, biscuit, scrambled egg

After dinner, my brother-in-law, parents, and 2 siblings came over for strawberry shortcake, with the rest of the biscuits, and fresh whipped cream.  It was very, very good, but no pictures.  Sad. just lunch.  But it's in a muffin tin!  Why is it in a muffin tin, Mom?  Are we pretending the muffin tin is a plate?  My daughter is so literal sometimes- whimsy is lost on her :)
muffin tin lunch

Mmmm....THIS is good stuff.  The last bits of my yogurt are always soupy- the longer yogurt sits, the more it separates.  (Ok, that link takes you to how I used to make yogurt.  It's changed and I need to update!  Way easier now.)  I try and pour off the whey, for Mimi's sake, as we go along but at the end of the batch it's nothing but soup.  I threw it in a colander lined with a paper towel and let it strain for an hour or two, then twisted up the towel and squeezed out as much liquid as I could.  I ended up with something similar to cream cheese- slightly sweet, vanilla, a little tangy.  Good stuff!
vanilla yogurt cheese

The vanilla yogurt cheese was especially good on french toast (when life gives you dark loaves and lots of eggs, make french toast!)  I smeared last summer's figs over the top and enjoyed this a lot.  So did Mimi, but she mostly licked off the yogurt cheese, shoved fistfuls of figs in her mouth, and then grinned happily.  It wasn't a pretty sight...but it was a beautiful thing.  You know?  (Figs are a family specialty- Grandma used to bring home pints of them from Alabama when she visited her sisters, and I tried a few recipes last summer with Mom's bumper crop of backyard figs.  This batch we're eating tonight turned out the best.)
french toast with yogurt cheese and figs

I still have some asparagus, leeks, and kale to work through from last Saturday's market.  I think the kale will become a smoothie for Saturday morning.  Bwahaha, the kids will never know!  Hubby is home late again Friday night (he was late on the french toast night, too.  No-Dad nights are breakfast nights!)  So I'm not sure what we'll have Friday night.  Might just go crazy and make pancakes.  Do you have any favorite ways to use asparagus?  I can't eat a whole bundle by myself!  (Umm...Dad, if you're reading this...I have some asparagus for you :)


LunaMoonbeam said...

We love asparagus lightly sauteed with a little black bean and garlic sauce. ;-) Mmmm.

Anonymous said...

I love asparagus roasted in the oven with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. I could eat the whole bunch. :)

What has been with this week? I think we all need a week reset button. :)

Alexandra said...

I like that Greek yogurt as well. I need to get out my yogurt has been too long!

Sam said...

Num, num....FOOD PHOTOS!

Happy Mother's Day! :)