Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And Sometimes there's Chocolate

So, a few weeks ago I got to be spreadsheet jockey for Miss Rae's fabulous "Spring Top Week."  Basically I set up some spreadsheets...then got to boss around some of the coolest seamstresses in blog land for WEEKS.  I won't drop names, but seriously- it was a hoot.  So, I got to make spreadsheets (spreadsheets run my LIFE), I got to e-mail out orders like "Your spreadsheet is updated with a new batch to judge" because I'm bossy like that, AND I got to see behind the scenes of a much-anticipated sewing event.

All that AND a box of chocolate.

No.  Seriously, Rae sent chocolates from one of her Tops Week sponsors, Z. Cioccolati.

Fudge from Rae (Made by Rae)

Oh flippin wow guys, seriously good stuff.

Fudge from Rae (Made by Rae)

And really....what DO tiny baby cherubs think about?  Could it be sweets?
Fudge from Rae (Made by Rae)

She said I didn't have to share with the kids (and in their current moods, I shudder to think of these guys hopped up on fudge) but my husband was quick to point out that HE wasn't excluded from sharing!  Good thing, because he's been a big help !  *grin*

***Quick story: We have no front porch right now.  We have no driveway.  Our front door is currently about 5 feet off the ground.  So I'm sitting on the couch, and I see a Fed Ex truck stop.  The driver looks at our house...checks his order...looks at our house...checks his husband is just chuckling.  Luckily I took action and opened the front door to wave to him!  Because if I hadn't....I might never have gotten this fudge.  And that would have been tragic.  The end.***

Fudge from Rae (Made by Rae)
Cookies and Cream White Fudge.  Yes, that's an Oreo cookie.


Aunt LoLo said...

I just KNOW that mint brick is waiting for me in the freezer, right? Right????! ;-)

You earned it!!

Elizabeth G. said...

This is really neat and yummy-looking.

When will you get your front porch and driveway back? How the heck do you get out of the house? Whatever happened to the UPS man...did he jump into your house? :)

Oh, my goodness, I am breaking my back, planting. It is exhausting and i am taking a small break, filthy as I am, to blog.

So, you freeze shredded cheese...Do you just pull out of the freezer what you need or just put the whole bag into your fridge when you run out?? I haven't frozen cheese before..Well, cream cheese...butter, but no cheese.

Okay, well, off I go to plant somemore.