Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Little Diaper Bag

005, originally uploaded by MyrniePhotos.
This has been wrapped, delivered, AND opened, so it's safe to blog about now! My friend is 5 weeks away from adding a baby GIRL to her houseful of 3 boys- an occasion like this surely called for a baby shower, and I was glad to be invited :) I know that Maggie is not a "girly girl." If there's any pink in her house, it's probably an old tube of Maybelline mascara that she forgets to wear. (Love you Maggie! I'll bet my tube is older!!) She spent her teen years with a softball bat in her hand, far as I can tell.

Anywhoo, I thought brown and blue might be a good color choice for her family- I was glad she agreed with me :)

I made this different than I normally do- rather than making the back of the bag longer, so it could fold over the top, I used my machine's automatic button-sewer feature to put a button on the front, then used the same stitch and foot to sew an elastic loop on the back. This will hold a packet of wipes and a few diapers- perfect for throwing in the bottom of her bag, so she can fish it out with one hand while the other is holding the baby! Also perfect to send with Dad when it's HIS turn to change th diaper- yay!! :)


Ticia said...

Is that a hair tie for the elastic loop?

Aunt LoLo said...

Turned out cute!!