Thursday, May 13, 2010

A New Wonder

We received some unexpected news this week- Wonder Daddy was let go (OK, fired) effective immediately.  (Hi, peeps from Wonder Daddy's old company!  We'll miss you, I know you're out there! :)  Thought I'd make a 'grateful' list.  Seems like one is overdue, don't you think?  Consider this as me, reminding myself, that what will come will come- there's no sense in worrying about it, because worry never changed anything.  We'll do every day as best we can, same as we always have, and try our hardest to prepare for what might come.  Same as we always have.  

Hopefully I'll take my own EXCELLENT advice! *grin*

1)  The sun is shining.  Boy howdy, the SUN.IS.SHINING.  After a dark winter, it's hard to top the joy of sunshine.

2)  Over the years I've had the chance to learn lots and lots and lots of skills.  (No, not nun-chuck skills, unfortunately.  Sorry, Wonder Daddy's side of the family!)  I've learned enough that my family can be largely self-sustaining, as far as goods and services are involved.  (We're going to play a game this summer, I told Ernie today: for the summer, we're going to see how often we can do something ourselves, instead of paying someone else to do it, or buying it.  For a girl who daily requests restaurant meals...hopefully this will cool the requests.  Nana and Grandpa J, she wants to know if you'll play with us when you come?  I responded that you were REALLY good at this game!)

From I Wonder Woman

3)  I have a exceptionally healthy family.  Other than a few sniffles, my family made it through cold and flu season unscathed.  This is remarkable considering....

4) My piano studio is the largest it's ever been, in 12 years of teaching.  I have 14 kids coming through each week, which means that, aside from the joy of teaching kids....

5) We will have a steady (albeit smaller) income while Wonder Daddy focuses full-time on building his new tax/business consulting practice.  

6)  I have two amazing, gorgeous, loving, brilliant (of course) daughters.

7)  I have a brilliant, hard-working, gorgeous husband.  'Nuff said.  The man completes me, it's true.

8)  Summer is coming, with garden produce, lower household bills, outdoor games, beach's going to be great!  And CHEAP!  (Before anybody asks- grow potatoes in garbage cans.  Good stuff.)

From I Wonder Woman

9)  OK, this one is silly, but my parents just found a darling vacation-getaway beach cottage on a tiny 9-mile-circumference island in the San Jauns.  I'm kind of sort of really jazzed to go visit them there!!

10)  Even though it's just a fledgling business, my husband DOES have work to do.  Even if that work consists right now mainly of finding MORE work, hey- tasks are tasks!  Idle hands are the devil's workshop, right?  (And...oh, perhaps we could find some tasks to do around the house, eh honey?)

So.  What are you grateful for on this Spring day?



Teresa said...

So sorry to hear about the turn of events....but what an amazing attitude....I'm not sure I would be as positive.
I'm grateful for a warm hearted positive blog friend-

Aunt LoLo said...

Right now? I'm grateful for TWO tantrum free days (knock on wood!!), unexpected bonuses at work (sorry :-() and GREAT friends here who make me feel more normal than weird.

Ticia said...

caladryl lotion on my strep rash, did you know strep throaght can show up as a rash all over you? A very itchy rash?

Casey said...

::store brand children's tylenol
::gummy worms
::my bed
::father/son campout

Anna said...

I am grateful that I know you! :) You inspire me, really. I love making bread for my family, and I made Kara a dress out of a shirt. I've got the ends of my green onions sprouting in a glass of water and after I move I plan to grow potatoes in a can. I don't think I'll ever switch to cloth diapers though. sorry

Catherine Anne said...

Beautiful post! I am grateful to dear blogger friends that lifted my family in prayer this week. Thank you so much~

Su said...

I am grateful for a strong and healthy body on this beautiful spring day.

Bobbi Lewin said...

A beach cottage on an island is not silly! it's spectacular!

Stephanie said...

Visiting via Dragon Fruit~I am thankful for a beautiful afternoon with my son at a friend's home in the country, complete with farm animals.

Also, does your husband's business cross over to CA? I own a small business and could use some consulting. Seriously. Considering changing buz structure from 1065 to 1120s or 1120 for greater personal protections.

Debbie said...

I am obviously behind on my reading but so very sorry to hear this news. What a great attitude you have. I will keep you guys in my prayers that this will all work out great!

Sam said...

You are my hero! A grateful list! I was going to say I was sorry about this news, but you have such a positive outlook I don't want to anymore! :) Sounds like everything will be sunny!

Right now I am grateful that--while I can't sleep at 3:49 in the morning--eventually I will be able to go back to bed with my sweet husband, who is sleeping. Amen. :)