Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cherry Pie, Gardens, and Lots and Lots of Shirts

First off, I promised you the cherry pie recipe- check it out here.

Second off, if you're looking for a current garden update/tell-all...check it out here.

(Why yes, I DID just get my act together and unload a card full of pictures onto my computer.  Why do you ask?)

I've been keeping busy with the fabulous Rae's "Spring Top Week" entry month...judging starts on Monday, of the top 50...tops *grin* as chosen by the panel of 10 judges.  The shirts were checked for complete information, entered into a spreadsheet.  Batch of 10 were sent out to TWO judges to be scored (that was my part.)  There were 368 shirts to judge this year (as contrasted to last year's 100).  Holy hippo, that's a lot of shirts.  A lot of amazing talent.  (And, frankly, a lot of the same poses.  There just aren't that many ways to show off a shirt in a photo, you know? :)  But you'll be happy to know that the judging pool is closed, all scores are in AND final, and the judges have even nominated their own special favorites for a "Judge's Favorite" award.  Good luck to all of you who entered the contest!!

While Ernie attended a long-awaited "Daddy Daughter Breakfast" with her preschool friends and the unrivaled-in-awesomeness Wonder Daddy, Mimi and I spent the morning cruising the farmers market, visiting the library, and cruising around town with our bad selves.  Of course, I mean that literally- the poor girl got a cold yesterday, and can hardly sleep.  She's a little punchy right now.  She spent a good chunk of a car ride today yelling "pew-pew-pew....DIE!  DIE!!  DIE!!!"  I swear I didn't teach her that.  I'm sincerely hoping it's just a random collection of noises.  Because, really??

We trawled the market, with her on my shoulders, and me passing a wad of cash to each vendor for them to pull out their share (while hanging onto just one of her ankles with my other hand.)  Want to see what we found?  (And yes.  That's the girls dancing together, while listening to Tickle Tune Typhoon, on a tape I listened to WHEN I WAS FOUR.  My life is all kinds of awesome.  And so is Tickle Tune Typhoon.  But really, I'm a little alarmed that there's a "concert calendar" on their site.)

Farmers Market Haul

If you want to follow along, that's:
Asparagus ($6, at $2.50 a pound)
Spinach ($3, $0.50 per bunch, it had hail damage.  It will still taste great!)
Garlic chives ($1, $0.50 each)
Red kale ($2 for a bunch)
Leeks ($3 a bunch)
Knit wash cloths ($2, at $0.50 cents each.  I KNOW!  I've been buying these for 3 summers now from a fellow that makes natural stone jewelry- his friend in Canada knits them and sends them down for him to sell.)


Catherine Anne said...

Great Post

Alexandra said...

Ohhh, gimme, gimme, gimme, I really like those knit wash cloths. ;) Nice veggies too.

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, MAN, those washcloths amaze me. It takes me two hours to make one...but those look crocheted, and with the holes in them, I bet they go a lot faster. STILL...amazing.

Great haul!

pew pew pew pew...DIE!!! DIE!!! DIE!!!

Sounds like Uncle Bear has been visiting her in her dreams. LOL

Rae said...

Aw man, LoLo stole my comment! Nice kale :)