Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Ramblings

(Isn't this pretty? Wonder Daddy took this shot during a bike ride near his parents' house.)

Can I just vent for a minute? Thanks! (I'll take your silence as...willing assent?)

1) I am IRKED at a certain etsy gal. She asked me for beaded pins, I MADE beaded pins...and then she disappeared. It's not that I'm out of a lot of money, because I'm not. It's not that it took a long time, because it didn't. It's just...well...she ASKED for them! A month ago! Where is she?

2) I am also irked at piano students who do not show up. And I'm irked at myself for never enforcing (or really mentioning, beyond the "hello, it's Fall and we're starting up again" letter) that I CHARGE FOR NO-SHOW LESSONS. Would they miss a baseball game or karate class? Not likely! *phbbbt*

Ok, that's it. Other than those two things life is ROSY! (I'll have some more good news next week...but until then it's a secret!*)

We have had some amazing weather this week- 80's to 90's, and my little patio garden is loving it. My raised bed...hasn't woken up enough to notice. Seriously, not even my radishes have done more than make weak 2-inch-tall seedlings. My zucchini failed entirely to sprout (or the birds ate ALL the seeds), and there are a few brave chard seedlings coming through. My turnips, however, were planted in three very dense rows and are having a hey-dey.

(As I write this, some wicked winds are blowing through- if there's anything left in the morning, I will take pictures and add them to a "Beautiful Life" post!)

On the plus side, I've been assigned a "garden mentor" from a great blog I follow, Down to Earth (Rhonda is a homesteader in Australia- chickens, organic garden, knitting, almost entirely off the grid...yeah, she's hard-core) so we've been e-mailing back and forth this week, chatting about what's growing and the crazy weather. I wonder, though: does it offend people when I won't give my name or location? "Hi- I'm Myrnie! I live in the Pacific Northwest!" I hope not. But then again, I think my family's anonymity is more important than alienating someone on a computer half-way across the country...or maybe that's just me?

So anyway, this is me checking in! Thanks for all your input on my upcoming class. I had to laugh today- I finally talked to the woman in charge, and I was completely wrong: she wants me to talk about cheap food. Stockpiling, cheap recipes, budgetting, couponing... totally not what I thought I was talking about! My dad teases me I could feed 100 people on $10. So I guess I can do a frugal cooking class!

I'll be posting later about a super-cute skirt for Ernie- seriously, the simplest thing you ever saw, you'll all want to run and make one right away, I'm sure!

Till then-


*No, Mom. I'm not pregnant.


Aunt LoLo said...

1) You have a secret and haven't told me yet?!
2) You have a garden mentor in Australia?!
3) The skirt is cute and reminds me of an itty bitty circus tent.
4) Thank you for clarifying on the pregnancy thing.

Casey said...

The same thing happened to my zucchini and squash. Do you think it's too late to replant? My onions look pretty pathetic too. The potatoes are the only things really taking off. Do you still want that old garbage can of mine?

Sorry about the Etsy gal. Did you email/convo her with a link to the item? I just had a lady purchase and not pay last week. Wouldn't even respond to my emails. Her feedback indicates she does this a lot. How hard is it to respond to an email and say "oops, I've changed my mind." :)

Jayson said...

secret! ooh, ooh tell me! I promise I won't tell anyone else! :)