Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Madwoman of Chaillot

My three youngest siblings attended a small private school- it's a wonderful school, with a very nurturing outlook and great arts program.  All three have participated in fencing, art, and especially drama.  It's a tradition that the seniors always get the leads in the school play- since Bert is THE ENTIRE graduating class, she was transformed into the Madwoman of Chaillot.  

The kids did a phenomenal job.  Bert, as the Madwoman, was phenomenal.  (But perhaps I'm biased?  Noooo.)

Since this IS a crafty blog (sometimes!), here are the earrings I made as a graduation present.  (Umm..yes, Nana.  They look very familiar- I had to shorten the beautiful necklace you made for me, and the beads and chain were just too fun to NOT make into wacky earrings!)

The graduating class!  The ceremony was held directly after the play, so her hair is still sprayed.

Closing bows.  You know, with that gorgeous salt-and-pepper hair...she looks like our mom!  

Everyone did a phenomenal job, but these girls really stood out.

Clapping during individual bows.

And because I was trying to be kind and not use my flash, those are all the pictures that turned out!  (Uncle R, I hope you put the big snazzy camera of yours to good use last night, because my little "mom camera" didn't quite cut the mustard :)  

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Aunt LoLo said...

Umm...there's mustard to be cut? Glad Bert's play went so well!!!!