Sunday, June 7, 2009

My News

So perhaps this doesn't quite live up the HYPE I seem to have created among certain family members (who...already KNEW) but I have a new calling at church!  In our congregations, we're each assigned tasks by our Bishop and call these "callings."  

For a little over a year, I've been in charge of music in our congregation (ward.)  I pick the hymns for Sacrament Meeting, make sure there are special musical numbers each week we need them, and act as support to other musicians in the ward with training, music selection if they need it, and generally substituting as organist/pianist for whatever organization needs help that day.  It's been a fantastic calling- I'll really miss it.  I especially loved picking the hymns each week and sharing my testimony that way.  Music brings the Spirit to our meetings, and I was honored to be part of choosing that music.

But my NEW calling is going to be so much fun!  I'm the new music leader for our nursery classes- I'll teach three twenty-minute lessons to our little ones.  

I'm excited to sit with them, help them learn the gospel through music, help them develop their own musicality, and help them learn to LOVE music.  They're such wonderful little kids- I sat through the former teacher's last lesson today and observed.  Such sweethearts, and I'm going to need SO much energy!  I think that's what I'm most concerned about- running out of steam half-way through the second group.  

We have thirty-one kids in our nursery- they come in at 18 months and leave the January after they turn three.  We'll get more as the year goes on, before the three-year-olds leave in January, so I'll probably end up teaching four lessons every Sunday by the end of the year.  

So, here's where I need your help: what would you do with these children?  What kind of instruments would you bring in for them to play with in our music circle?  What songs would you teach them?  Any fun "movement" songs?  The youngest children don't sing along- I noticed the previous teacher had good luck handing out rattles and bells so they could shake in time to the music. I won't even mention what else they've done, so I don't cramp your style.  That way, you can tell me...

What would  YOU do?  I'm all ears!  


pucktricks said...

Oh what fun!
Shakers- plastic easter eggs filled with rice or beans and taped or glued shut. Easy and fun.
B-I-B-L-E> my daughter is 2 and my boys are 4 and they all love.
Father Abraham has a lot of movement
I know a couple of other ones but don't know the actual titles.

One Year Older and Wiser Too said...

Your last line made me hear "Wha-wha-wha-wha-what would you do!"

Don't know if they are still using the CD with the new nursery/sunbeam manual, but that was terrific! There were great little activities on that.

Ummm.... I got a call tonight from the stake clerk.... and have an interview with the Stake President Tuesday night. Jay's grinning. He knows... all he has said is that I can stop preparing for the upcoming seminary year. Ummmm.... in this 'instant' world I sure am not fond of this 'wait-til-Tues' attitude... even worse is the fact that my pillow mate knows the answers to all my questions. :-)
Time to get myself and MIND occupied!

I found I have some cardstock/laminated fish with magnets on their back. Want them? You'd have to make your own fishing pole with a dowel, yarn/string and a magnet.


Casey said...

Congrats on the new calling. You'll do great! :)

Teresa said...

How fun- great! It's been forever since I worked with primary age children- plus I'm totally not musical. So I would be of little help- just love them and you will be great.
Happy day

Aunt LoLo said...

Hae fun in your new calling...I'm totally picturing little eggs with rice or beans inside, glued and taped shut, or some sort of homemade drum....

Lisa said...

Definitely stick with the action and activity songs in the Primary songbook--meaning no need for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or The Wheels on the Bus. Focus on songs they will hear in Primary, because even though some are very young, you really are preparing them to attend Primary. How great it would be if they already knew Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Hinges, Birds in the Tree, Popcorn, Smiles, oh there's so MANY!! Love the egg shakers--also finger puppets, glove puppet (with a different character on each finger) ribbons or scarves (or lightweight fabric from your stash) to feel the movement of the music. You can tie ribbons onto dowels or even straws. You can make "cymbals" out of frozen juice can lids with very small knobs glued on.
BTW, you must have a huge ward! Not only the number of nursery kids, but that you get a whole calling just for nursery music. Lucky! (I'm the ward organist and in the Primary Pres and was just recently released from being the choir director as well!)

Mom said...

You already have a good start: Eensy Weensy Spider, Up in the Air Junior Birdman, Popcorn popping, 10 Little Monkies Jumping on the Bed, Give Said the Little Stream, Open Shut Them, Once There Was a Snowman, Hinges, (Note that the Primary wiggle songs are not religious... but they're necessay. Don't limit yourself to religious songs and you have a huge repertoire.) Love, Mom

Elizabeth G. said...

Myrnie - I did this once...I used the following songs, which I realize are not all gospel-oriented, but allowed them the freedom to move to music and have fun...

Once There Was a Snowman
The Eensie, Weensie Spider
Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree
I Have Two Little Hands
I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home
A Wise Man Built His House Upon a Rock

Way up in the sky, the little birds fly
While down in their nests, the little birds rest
With a wing on the left and a wing on the right, the birdies sleep in their nests all night
When the bright sun comes out and the dew falls away...the birdies they fly in the sunshine all day.

All these songs have hand movements and keep their attention. Songs without physical movements, didn't hold the attention of the littlest ones very well.

Hey, I'm leaving tomorrow to go home to back East. I will be gone for two weeks...with my trusty glasses and eyeglass chain, no less! :)

Have a great next two weeks and I will catch you as soon as I get back!

Mags said...

I am in shock of how many kids are in the nursery. That's amazing.

Anna said...

I was sad when they released Taryn, but happy to hear you were the new teacher! You will do great! Even though they don't sing along yet, they do enjoy the music time! Kara likes the wise man built his houes upon a rock and will do some of the motions with me. Let me know what songs you are teaching them and I'll do the same ones with her at home.

Tammy said...

My idea for what you should do is come join my nursery here in the bay area... I am the new nursery leader... so come on down (and there is only 1 lesson that you would have to teach). I would love to hear what you do to teach new songs. Our primary pres wants us to incorporate more primary songs to prepare for Sunbeams... our old Nursery leaders did a lot of wheels on the bus type songs... So I am anxious to hear what you are going to do!

Su said...

My child's preschool has a music program. Sometimes, I volunteer to go in during those music days. I noticed that the children really enjoy it when they get to play with scarves or pieces of fabric. Each child gets a scarf, and they use it to dance to music/songs that has slow, fast, faster, high, low. Or they can sit in their circle, waving their scarves.
Sounds like you'll have a great time, Myrnie!

Miss Sandy said...

I am so glad you dropped in for a visit. What a fun and exciting opportunity you have set before you. I am sure you will do great. Blessings on your new journey of leading your little ones.