Friday, June 5, 2009

The Cloth Revolution

OK, so it's not a revolution (because...there was no fighting) but it's a change for us.  I'd been thinking about cloth diapers for a while, and had some money in my PayPal account from an Etsy sale- seemed like a perfect time to order some diapers and see what it's all about!

I ended up ordering five "all-in-ones" from CrazyCloth.  She has a GREAT price for "AIO" diapers.  These are, as far as I can tell, the most "friendly" diaper- great for dads, grandparents, babysitters, etc.  They're just like disposable diapers, but you throw them in the wash bucket rather than the trash.  I'm still getting used to how often I need to change these-- every 2 or 3 hours, rather than 2 or 3 times a day-- but so far I really like them.

Funny thing, Tsh of Simple Mom, has having a diaper BONAZA this week!  Seriously, so much information- it's been great.   One thing I came away with was that prefold diapers (the ones we use as burp cloths) are a GREAT diaper option.  They're absorbant, cheap, and easy to clean.  I also realized I have a dozen of these on hand!  So, I'll be ordering some snappis and finding diaper covers and we'll be in business.  

Oh, and I'll be ordering some flushable liners from Imse Vimse- little strips of rice paper you stick in the diaper.  If it's wet, throw it in the wash (can go through a few washes).  If it's dirty...throw it in the toilet!  Catches a good portion of the yuck, and biodegradable, so definitely a good idea!

Being as this is Friday, she has a giveaway lined up- it's HUGE, lots of diaper-goodness up for grabs.  

So go over, check out the information!

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Gina said...

That's really cool! We always thought about cloth but never did it-thankfully we're out of the diaper stage now!

Thanks for your comment on the nightstand-and don't worry-it's barely wood, most of it was veneer! I just sanded good and primed it. We'll see how it hold up!