Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 7, 2015

No pictures today!  Is a blog a blog without pictures?  Let's find out.

1)  HOT today.  Going to be a whole week of hot, I see a lot of beach nights in our future!  Our back patio is a close second in terms of wonderfulness though.  I continue my decorating trend of designing our lives and home and yard around the perfect place to put a chair.  There is not a pretty spot or a nice window that does not have a comfy chair next to it.  I like to sit a lot, OK?  I really like to sit....and look at pretty things.  My favorite spots right now are the chair in the front room, the front patio, the back deck, the deck off the master, the grandma chair in the dining room, my bed by the window, and the back patio.  Pretty much wherever I go, besides the kids rooms and the playroom, I have a perfect spot to sit.  Beautiful.

2)  Church was wonderful.  It's normally wonderful these days.  J was released as a family history specialist and called as the 1st counselor in the young men's group.  It will be an adventure!  He's taught this age twice before as a Sunday School teacher.  Guess it's just the age the Lord wants him to be with.  His wood working skills, guitar playing skills, and TRUCK are going to come in very handy I think.  His recent physical therapy to work on his knee, which has been bothering him off and on for years, will also come in handy.  Our relief society lesson was on being courageous- sometimes it's having courage in the moment, sometimes its having courage in the long run, and sometimes it's just trying again the next day.

3)  My wrist is a bit better today.  Am I going to have to pamper this stinking thing for the rest of my life?  Baby.  I am hoping my mid-week I will have finished repenting of my hubris to think I could fold six loads of laundry at once, or thumb type for half an hour, or play piano with bad technique.

4)  We invited my sister's family for dinner tonight- bring a side dish to share and meat for your family.  We had the grill up and running.  J grilled flank steak, I steamed carrots, she grilled chicken and brought a salad.  I served quite possibly the best summer dessert: frozen blue berries topped with a thick cloud of whipped cream.  Superb.  Did I mention it was HOT today?  The six kids ran all over the yard, the adults served and cleared and chatted.  Beautiful evening!

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