Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5, 2015

Hot summer day!

We spent the morning at a park in the neighborhood, and the girls biked to a newly re-opened neighborhood park in the afternoon.  It was a really nice day to be at the park.. We saw a few friends and the kids got to play with neighborhood friends.

We've been slowly amassing a flotilla of patio furniture.  Today I sold one of the larger sets so we can rearrange the others and be able to walk through our patios and decks without needing to play "the floor is lava."  (Although that game is fun.)

I feel like an idiot today.  I am in my brace and my thumb tendon aches.  I am using text to type to blog tonight.  It's driving me mad: I WANT to be superwoman darn it.  I've been defeated by a pile of laundry and an iPhone.  My ego is my kryptonite.  I wanted to help J with his chores- folding is one of the few things I still can't do, but he was working so hard on other projects.  I want to keep this blog going so family knows what we're up to.  I wanted to play in the recital last night so that the kids could sound their best with the duets, and I could demonstrate some of the more interesting parts of musical history.  Every parent expressed their delight and how lush the songs sounded or how the recital was structured and how much they learned.  If it hadn't been for the other things I've done the recital wouldn't have been a problem for me.

I had my piano lesson tonight we spent a very nice half hour working on the left hand of Beethoven's third sonata.

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