Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 6, 2015

What a beautiful day. I'm doing better today. J let me sleep in and then I stayed in my room until a neighbor rang the bell at 11:30 to let me know he saw a large, healthy, unafraid, coyote trotting down our street and I should keep the kids inside.  Love that our neighbors watch out for each other!

It was a good Saturday.  I keep typing and deleting this paragraph because 1) I don't want to sound like the lazy lump I am and 2) I don't want to let anyone know that I probably overdid it today.  Pretty sure I shouldn't have vacuumed or carried patio furniture around the yard or cleaned the kitchen or carried laundry baskets around the house. 

Onwards!  Pretty pictures!  

Life is beautiful.

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