Friday, June 12, 2015

June 12, 2015

I sent this to my sister today.  My hair is increasing in sheer volume.  It would not even cooperate for a bun.  Yikes.  What hath this bleach wrought?  I am fairly certain I am never going to bleach my hair again, so I am having fun while my ends are accepting color.  It will grow out, get trimmed off, and fade soon enough.  Sure fun though :)  Crazy to take care of, especially since I barely even brush my hair normally.  Now, I only have to wash it once a week, but if I get it wet I have to slather conditioner in or it will be a snarled mess.  So....I use shampoo once a week, I use conditioner every 2 or 3 days.  I wash it in cold water, too.

A friend came over to drop off everything my kids left at her house, and she and her kids stayed for a few hours.  The oldest girl, N, is a Brain.  She's five, and she and Ernie get along famously.  They just "get" each other.  Super fun.  

My sister grabbed the kids this afternoon since she was driving by, and I had the house to myself for a few hours.  I probably should have cleaned, but I am still deep into organizing my studio stuff and wanted to dig out of that.  I've been typing up checklists for a master binder to track things like scales, payments, songs passed off, etc.  I know.  Spreadsheets rule my life.  When I feel off kilter I make a list and a spreadsheet.  I still feel off kilter, but at least I can point to a piece of paper and pretend I am in control and everything will go smoothly.  I can pretend.

Oh.  Speaking of planning things, I have been looking at getting drip irrigation for YEARS.  But, it was complicated and expensive.  We are finally at a point that $200 isn't going to break the bank.  I spent hours reading guides, and we bit the bullet.  For our date night tonight we spent an hour in the irrigation aisle of Home Depot getting tubing, hose, timer, fittings, couplers, et cetera et cetera.  I sure hope we have all the bits and bobs we need!!  Tomorrow is the day :)

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