Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 11, 2015

I slept!  Why does every entry start with my sleeping habits?  Sleeping is most important I guess.  The kids actually woke me up at 9:15 and I was kind of grumpy about it too.  I have seen 2 a.m. more often than not this week!

Mimi informed me that the book I gave her to check out last night (The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe) was boring and she needed to go back to the library.  Right now would be great.  I reminded her that nothing was going to happen until I finished my breakfast, but she was welcome to go get ready.  

I looked fabulous, so she had to take my picture before we left.  (This is the result of finally taking out the Mrs. Claus braids I put in two days ago.  Mermaid hair!!)

Cocoa needed his picture taken too.  Does this shot make my eyes look big?

We hit the library, the music store, and the grocery store.  Cocoa was SO SQUIRRELY by the end.  Yikes.  But everyone got books to read, I replenished my studio shelves, and we have a fresh supply of milk, almond milk, gold fish crackers, and antidepressants.  

I told the kids that if they would attack the laundry pile with gusto, I would make them their favorite little rice balls (onigiri.). They did a great job and I filled the balls with beef stir fry from last night, minced.  

I worked on organizing my music shelves this afternoon, and my first student was a little shocked to find me on the floor surrounded by piles of music, with every table, couch, chair, and piano bench covered in more stacks of music.  She'd never seen so much music in one place!  Makes me a little sad- I would love every piano student to have stacks and stacks of music to play, just like kids have stacks and stacks of books to read when they are learning to read.  

We had a good dinner tonight- Spiralizer zucchini with pesto (from two summers ago) and sun dried tomatoes and meatballs, melon, and artisan garlic bread from Costco.  

We scarfed our meal and rushed out the door for my little sister's last concert at her college.  It was a great show- they used the Wizard of Oz as a narrator and wove a storyline together from Wicked, Wizard of Oz, and The Wiz.  All the soloists were in full costume.  Cocoa chose seats right behind the band (piano, synth, drums, stand up bass, and a horn section) so he could watch them.  He gave the drummer (a huge dude with a tiny kit) a high five after the show: first time he'd ever gotten a high five after a show :)  E could not sit still during the songs from The Wiz. Her feet were dancing, her body was swaying, her head and arms were bopping.  I literally mean she could not sit still, it was awesome.

(We met Bert's friend, K, after the show and I pulled her into the group shot!)

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