Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 3, 2014

The sun.  It comes up so early.  And when the sun is awake, that means my SON is awake, and he crawls into bed with me and I'm too groggy to do anything about it at 5:45 in the morning.  Ahem.

Wednesdays are early days- I set my alarm for 7 and try and make myself presentable for the first lesson of the day at 7:30.  Let me tell you, that lesson feels a LOT better in the sunshine than in the dark of winter!  

Students did great- everyone is ready for tomorrow's recital.  Not everyone was prepared to receive an end of year progress report.  I did not mince words, and I think the kids knew exactly what I was talking about and agreed with me.  They know when they are giving their best, they know what we are working on, and they know when they've been sliding by.  Love teaching those kids.

(*** Spoiler alert: I am no longer sick.  Hallelujah.)

Right after lessons, J remarked how great it would be if I could drive him to work and pick him up after the girls' dance classes.  WOOT- adventure day, everyone in the car!  We dropped him at work, deposited books at the library, and spent the better part of the day at a friend's house.  

Our kids are different in age (Our cumulative age is 20, theirs is 11 I think) but the kids are a good fit.  The two oldest are peas in a pod- it was pretty hilarious to hear them HOWLING with laughter at each other's jokes.  The nine times table- one number counts up and the other counts down!  Yeah, but look how you can do it on your fingers!  Oh the jokes.  They just rolled on and on.  

We left E there to play pirate fairy princess treasure hunt in the backyard (they drew maps but forgot to hide any treasure, so they were scouring the yard FOR HOURS.  Not sure if they found it.)  I brought my youngest two home- we stopped to pick up some fabulous shoes for me from a fellow Buy Nothing member, and then took some down time at home.  

(Saw this kitty in our yard hunting rabbits.  Sadly, I think it was unequal to the task.)

After an hour it was time to get BACK in the car, get E, and drop the girls off at dance.  Cocoa was so antsy we just turned around and chilled at home for an hour until it was time to go get the girls again.  We picked J up from work, looked at the traffic and the clock, and decided it was unreasonable to give ourselves two hours to fight traffic home, make and eat dinner, and get to within blocks of where we were sitting.  Conveyer belt sushi won (it always wins) and we gorged on pickled herring, cucumber rolls, pot stickers, salmon, and Krab salad.  

(I am back in my brace today.  I remembered why I stopped blogging regularly: thumb typing on my phone is a very, very, very bad idea.  I decided to be a super hero and folded about six loads of laundry two weeks ago, and it just started the slow slide down.  I've been good about resting and stretching, and now I am typing ON THE COMPUTER, like every good human should.  Why do we think opposable thumbs are invincible?  They're not.)

After dinner we headed to the park for E's final regular event with her Activity Days girls and leaders- they had a forest scavenger hunt, played games, and then roasted miniature marshmallows over tea lights and smeared them on honey grahams with chocolate chips.  Tres adorbs.

I love this man.  So much.  So, so much.  And....look at my face.  There IS a light at the end of the tunnel every  month!

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