Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pictures to share

iPhone dump time!  I missed sharing these pictures.

C woke up with a streaming cold on Monday and was so very tired and grumpy.  I let him play on my iPad next to me, but only after I had slipped it inside a ZipLoc baggie.

More rain on Monday- a few inches of standing water all over the yard.  This hasn't happened before this year that I can remember!  This is before the trucks came, before we moved the greenhouse, before we moved the slab, before we moved the plants.

I never really cooked last week- we are a combination of leftover pizza, restaurants, and at other's houses I think.  I managed to cook this week, but only weird things.  One night it was tuna salad on crackers.  (We also had lime honey shrimp with rice, and smoked salmon and cream cheese with a loaf of sourdough on other nights.  I'm cleaning out my freezers!). The kids are loving all these dinners.

I splurged on new toys for the kids this week- they have been so great about losing their main playspace and needing to abide by "upstairs rules" in all their games.  Schleich figurines were on sale- I picked up a fairy, a unicorn, a grandma and a baby, and a knight with a big black horse.  I taught the kids how to make a world for them out of scarves, and they had a ton of fun with this.  I love that I was able to find characters they all loved- c claimed the knight and horse and slept with them most of the week.  M loves the fairy and unicorn of course.  E loves having a grandma and baby to be in their games.

C left his knight in the kitchen and it made me giggle.

E was less than thrilled to start math one day.  

We had our music group this week- I made ivy wreaths for all the kids.

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