Wednesday, March 5, 2014

March 5, 2015

Broccoli and cosmos- Cocoa later smashed these with a tube and got in big trouble.

Tempura and flour paint solar system...with lots of glitter!

Trying out the new flooring

Tearing out the walls after waking up to find standing water in the basement.  That wall is absolutely disgusting!  They shoved it full of trash, which is all moldy now....

A little leak.  Damp but not where all the water is coming in.  I got a few gallons up off the floor, and it wasn't coming from here.

Lots more water in the guest room- hooray for mops, shop vacs, a fresh load of laundered towels, no carpet on the floor, and nothing got damaged!  These two rooms got wet three separate times today- this back room, the water flowed in under the door when we had two inches of standing water on the patio.

But hey, cherry tomatoes sprouted!  Over achievers!

One tiny nasturtium.

J woke me up this morning with that hushed panic voiced that says "Can I get your help?" but really means "RUN!"  He had come home from his run to find the basement wet, and dug some channels to get water off the patio.  I helped clear out the rooms and then taught my piano for the morning- a teen lesson and a group lesson.  Wow, are those kids rowdy!  We watched a segment of Fantasia 2000, everyone played a piece and we gave critiques and advice, I had them write stories about what my selected piece was about and we discussed things like dynamics and tempo why it's important.  We played an atonal piece on boomwhackers, and we were done!

I spent the rest of the morning mopping, exploring the greenbelt for a stream we could drain to, mopping some more, and texting my sister in a panic to come and get the kids and save them from a day of cartoons and microwave popcorn.  She's a saint, she kept them from about 11 till 6:30 when we finally had a chance to go and get them.  I mopped and vacuumed probably 12 gallons of water down there! J took the day off work to handle things at home.  He moved things, ran to Lowes for sandbags, started demoing the walls, made up sandbags, made lunch, cut a hole in ceiling in the kitchen to see what is up there, and spent the afternoon with our general contractor talking about the nuts and bolts of remodeling the kitchen.  

Everyone was in bed by 9:30 tonight, long day for us all!  Sandbags are on the patio to block the door, a handful of bath towels is along the wall to stem the tide that will come tonight if it rains heavily again. We will see what the morning holds!

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Laurel Nguyen said...

What fun adventures you're having! Thanks for sharing them with us.