Monday, March 31, 2014

Boston Day One

My husband has a conference in Boston this week, and we had the mad idea that I could tag along and see the town while he studies.  Surprisingly, my family though this was an AWESOME idea and extended multiple offers of watching the kids for most of the week!  Our family packed up Saturday, attended Sacrament Meeting Sunday morning and then drove over to my parents' congregation.  The kids happily said goodbye, we left them in my sister's usual pew, and we left for the airport.  Sleepovers with my parents are a rare treat for the kids, they couldn't wait to do it multiple nights PLUS my mom booked a night for everyone at Great Wolf Lodge. (The idea of being guests in a new primary, and being sung to, was also extremely attractive to the girls.). 

We arrived at the airport, parked the car, got through security, found the gate... And earned the distinction of being the first people there by about two hours.  I really thought getting through the airport would take more time and didn't realize we had no need of checking in.  J was a sweetheart and went along gamely with my mad dash to get to the airport quickly.  We watched the planes come and go and munched on granola bars I packed.  The flight was then delayed half an hour due to bad weather in Boston, so we had plenty of time to relax!

This was our first time flying Jet Blue- I was impressed!  Clean, leg room, and lots of snacks.  There wasn't a meal available though, only snack boxes- meals are only available out of certain airports right now and a box of crackers and wrapped cheese didn't sound any better than our granola bars and jar of peanuts.

This picture is for my kids- it's our summer vacation spot, Chelan.

It was amazing to fly over the Great Lakes area- I had no idea it would be so large or that it would be frozen over.  Beyond a trip in sixth grade, I can't recall ever flying East.

We hit the worst turbulence after this.  I cried like a baby and realized just how scared I am of flying.  Take offs and landing I normally just shut my eyes and breathe deep, although I like landings better because I can try to mentally calculate the risk of damage if we were to crash land and crash landing on take off never seems to end well.

We landed safely at 10:30 pm local time, and I was again surprised to find out that I just wanted to be home with my babies.  A silly thing, since it took so much trouble to get here and people are being so kind to make this even possible, but it was late at night, 36 degrees, absolutely pouring rain, and I left my rain boots and scarves at home.  (Warmer weather should come Tuesday, but my last weather report pegged it arriving Monday.  Whoops!)  It did not inspire warm feelings. 

 We found the queue for taxis and made it to our hotel.  It is beautiful and huge, the staff is super friendly, and the bed is great.  We are on the 11th floor and have a nice industrial/water view that is fun to watch.

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