Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 13, 2014

A day in pictures- we went to my primary presidency meeting this morning and came home to find my uncle and his buddy already started in digging our ditch- we've hired them to come out and hopefully solve our drainage issues.  The ditch was dug along the west edge of the house, kitty corner across the yard to the east, and continues into our neighbor's yard and down to the greenbelt.  Our neighbor needed to fix his drainage and was happy to jump into our plans with the truck and crew already here. 

 We had right yards of river rock delivered today and shoveled it into the ditch- it's not nearly enough but we were shocked how fast it was moved today!  J was out there and we hired a neighbor's teen nephew- he is small but plays football and had way more energy than the guys!  Another neighbor, T, heard the shovels and came to help.  He came earlier this week too- he is J's running partner and an amazing friend.

I spent the day watching kids, teaching school, fixing snacks and meals, reading stories, overseeing naps, running to Lowes for more supplies, cleaning... The usual!  I feel a bit odd that all this work is happening and I am not out there with a shovel, but I can't walk away from my daily responsibilities.  

J worked hard every night this week to dig out power lines, finish taking down the rest of the deck, and moving plants I didn't want to lose.  I have a hydrangea and a lilac that are just starting to take off this year, and our inherited azalea bushes have gorgeous pale pink flowers, they bloom earlier than any other azalea I know of, they smell nice, and I have no idea what they are!  I scooped my two trillium out with C's toy shovel this morning and planted them out of harms' way when I saw they were in the path if where folks were walking through a flower bed.

E requested Little Women from the library tonight- she chose Louisa May Alcott for a research project this week, and is excited to read the book after seeing the musical last year at a local youth theater. My piano lessons are just around the corner from the library and I promised her last week that I would pick up books she asked for, one at a time.  We have had too many late fees lately.  I came into the girls' room tonight and found both of them reading!  M is doing so great in Kindergarten this year with my mom and is getting to be a good reader.  So proud of those girls :)


Janie said...

I love your bunk beds! Where did you get them?

Myrnie said...

Janie- We actually purchased them from a neighbor, but if I can find a tag with the brand I will let you know :). I was excited when we found them!