Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 20, 2014

This is what the yard looked like Sarurday morning.

This is what Mimi looked like after I trimmed her hair and painted her nails- we had a girl afternoon while people worked outside.

This is what Ernie looked like shoveling rock for six hours to earn money for a rainbow loom.  

This is what J looked like eating Greek food Saturday night with the family.

This is what the girls looked like eating fro-yo after we stopped at Michaels for a rainbow loom.

This is what our yard looked like Sunday morning after a big rain.  Basement stayed dry though!

This is what Cocoa's hand looked like after he snuck into the nail polish.  Surprisingly he made no mess, and put the lid on tight.

This is what took me a week to eat.  It was VERY good.

This is what our yard looked like before we dug.  So much water- we beat the March average by the sixth of the month.

This is what I looked like after I cut my hair.

This is what J and Cocoa look like when they make guitar picks.

This is the playroom after I took a few hours to clean it up again for the kids.  They spent the rest of the afternoon in there!

This is my girl who used to hate writing, creating a long story.

This is the third truck load of rock.  That guy in the yellow shirt is Cody- we hired for the day and he had already been working six hours moving dirt around the yard.  He stayed until 8 taking wheelbarrows of rock around the yard!  I shoveled 4-8, J joined at 5, a neighbor joined at 6:30 and another came out for the last few minutes of daylight. It was a mad scramble at the end but we got all nine yards moved. My dad was a gem and answered my text to him quickly- he came bearing pizza and cookies and spent the evening watching Frozen with the kids and got them ready for bed so I could shovel.  I have spent many days tending kids so others can do work, I appreciate that he was willing to come and take that job so I could lift a shovel to put our home back together! 

 ( Side note- work projects seem to always involve pizza and donuts.  J has lost three inches off his waist in this whole process, and I am certain I did not do the same while watching the kids.  Harrumph.)

This is the yard this morning- messy, and patio still needs to come in, and we have lots of clean up, but the big jobs for the French drain are done, and we already know it fixed the problem!  The basement is clean and dry, and we will caulk up the crack today.

Ernie is... Doing research for a report.  And is possibly a ninja.

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