Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27, 2014

My sister, Mom, and I were lucky enough to sing at a recent stake Relief Society meeting- the composer thanked us after the meeting, that was pretty cool!  My sister and I met our high school friends for lunch- we've met nearly monthly for the last few years.  So grateful for that!  We tried out the new Ramen shop (very yummy) and treated ourselves to frozen yogurt next door.

Cocoa decided to sit himself down in my garden and try to plant himself too .

He also decided that his Tiny Toilet is a great stool and my jars are cool things to play with.

He also gives his uncle a thumbs up on his birthday.  I get a lot of pictures of this kid, the girls tend to play in other parts of the house and he still orbits around me.

I adored the outfit E changed into after Zumba this week.  What a cutie!  I can't believe what a tall and beautiful girl she is becoming. So graceful.

I really, really, really do not like playing board games.  I caved when Mimi asked in her adorable lithp, with her messy bed head, would I please play Sorry with her?  Oh man.  We played, Ernie joined us, I only lost my patience three times, and she cried when I won.  I think they had fun over all.  What a blessing that their dad loves board games as much as they do!  

Cocoa is loving our deconstructed backyard- he went out in his boots and jammies this morning, to do work with his little toy hammer.  Every pair of shoes he owns is covered in mud, and I am mopping my entry twice a day.  But, I love seeing him in his gloriously busy and dirty element.  My uncle came to frame the new patio and Cocoa kept him company- he especially liked the part where I brought out fresh chocolate chip cookies.  That's part of my uncle's fee ;)

I had my piano lesson tonight- we spent half an hour on about 16 measures of my Brahms piece.  It's funny- she keeps comparing me to children (they have six- year-olds at this school who play better than me) because I am learning the same exercises they are but last week told me I could very well be a concert pianist.  I vacillate between hope that I will eventually get somewhere and despair of ever being cured of my clunkiness.  It's not intuitive for me, and I laughed when our lessons arrived at what two voice teachers failed to create in me: the ability to make long and connected phrases with appropriate tempo and dynamic changes.  My piano music is covered in the same notes my voice music was: keep on the breath!  But, I started lessons five months ago unable to play for more than half an hour before I needed to stop because of the pain in my wrists.  That's not even an issue anymore, so I guess that's one way of measuring progress!

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