Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

A collection from over the years:

  • I'm sure the extra curves are just muscle (but that's a sweet thought, right?)
  • See this weight spike here on your chart?  That's the day you split the bagged salad with your friend you were just telling me about.
  • Before your ultrasound appointment, please drink 4 glasses of water.  No bathroom breaks.
  • You're 4 months pregnant?  Oh my goodness- you're not even showing yet!
  • I'm sorry- your ultrasound appointment was on Monday.
So here's a funny story.  Mimi has a cold, and hasn't been sleeping well.  Now I have the cold and haven't been sleeping well. However, we got our whole family out the door by 7:30, dressed and breakfasted, dropped Mimi off at my sister's to play, and pulled into the hospital parking garage by 8:15.  At the check in desk, she says "Oh- I see your appointment was on Monday."  "Hmm...she told me Thursday."  "Oh really?  Let me check something."  So she proceeds to check us in and sends us down the hall.  

After filling out all our paperwork, and waiting about half an hour, the medical imaging receptionist comes over "I'm sorry- since you don't have an appointment, we might be able to squeeze you in at 10:30 (It was 9:00).  Maybe."  Hmm...if I don't have an appointment, why did they check us in?  And since you weren't even OPEN on Monday, why did someone schedule me for that day?  And since you always give reminder calls, why didn't I receive one?  "I really don't know dear, I'm very sorry- there's a direct line to scheduling right there next to your elbow."  

SO, we'll go back next Wednesday...and please, please never tell a pregnant woman with a full bladder, a horrible head cold,  and very, very little sleep "I'm sorry, your appointment was 2 days ago, we just forgot to ever tell you that."  

I'm pretty sure all I need is a bath and a little carton of Dibs, and I'd be a new woman!  


Ticia said...

Sounds like a good way to be a new woman to me. I think I might go grab a candy bar myself. Then clean, clean, clean. Which is what I should be doing right now.

Su said...

You were pretty good about it. I had something similar happen to a friend once, and she full out burst into tears and hyperventilated (that's what she told me). That didn't make a difference, though.

One Year Older and Wiser Too said...

Oh, the things that teach us patience and tolerance for others. Glad you were so kind and forgiving. Mistakes do happen to even the best of us. :-)

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, MAN. Do the Dibs. Both pregnancies, that's all I wanted...and I NEVER gave in.

Do the Dibs, girl. Do it for me!

Franzine Kafka said...

now you're making me feel nostalgic!