Monday, September 6, 2010

A Beginning

Along with the rest of our area, Ernie started school last week. We're doing Kindergarten together, and having such fun!

Our daily schedule is fairly easy, but it helps us to have a schedule. I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I can NOT believe the difference it has made in Ernie's moods to have this schedule set up, and for her to know that every morning she will have her mother's undivided attention. I've been home with her all her life, but I was surprised how much this has changed her outlook.

In the mornings we get breakfast going, and I clean up the kitchen while the girls finish up. While I shower, Ernie does her daily chores- brush teeth, brush hair, make bed, and get dressed, we use some really cute cards to remind her what to do, and simply can't remember which blog I printed them from. (If anyone knows, I'll add the link- there's a boy set in blue and a girl set in pink, and they're just adorable.)

When everyone is all set, the girls and I meet up in the school room (you know, the Smurf-colored one) and do our circle time. We always start with the song "I Am a Child of God" and have an opening prayer, then we pick stories and songs. Each month has a theme, and the stories and books and songs are based around that theme.

  • September: End of Summer/summer fruits
  • October: Halloween/Squash/Apples/Harvest
  • November: Thanksgiving/Pilgrims/Fall
  • December: Christmas
  • January: Winter, preparing for baby
  • February: Valentine’s Day/Baby
  • March: Spring
  • April: Easter
  • May: May Day
  • June: First Day of Summer
Each day has a special activity attached as well
  • Monday is baking day (this lends itself well to math lessons, as well as working on motor skills and taking turns!  Last we went blackberry picking in the backyard and made blackberry ice cream.  Mimi's berry bucket is on the right.)
  • Tuesday is crafts day
  • Wednesday is cleaning day (If school is at home, we better be working on more than just the 3 R's!  I want them to learn to care for their homes, and to learn that having a home is a privilege and a blessing)
  • Thursday is painting day
  • Friday is music day
The activities are also tied to the monthly theme, and to our stories and books.  This is where we bring in skills that need to be worked on- penmanship, math, spelling, etc.  Every day has outside play time as well, rain or shine- they're learning to love a little bit of rain!  (No, I'm not a heartless beast- I wouldn't send them out if it's miserable.  But what's a little sprinkling of rain to girls with slickers and rubber boots and great big imaginations?)  

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Ticia said...

We need to work on the being outside part more, but it's hard to do when the weather is 100 plus.

Love your routine.

Aunt LoLo said...

Love...and my kids need slickers. LOL

Also...outdoor tme would be easier if the kids didn't demand to come back inside only 3 minutes later, muddy and wet. *sigh*

Su said...

Glad to hear that Ernie is doing well. You seem to have your plans down! Good going..

Elizabeth said...

My goodness, what adorable children you have!

I love your schedule and for their ages, it seems like everything is well planned and thought out. I remember homeschooling those ages. Isn't it fun? I pray the Lord will bless this wonderful time you have with your precious ones, that it will be sweet and memorable.

The photos are well composed, by the way. A pro couldn't do better.