Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Woot- CSN contacted me again about doing a review.  Seems I'm on their "preferred blogger" list.  *blush*

The only problem is...I can never, ever decide what to order.  Seriously, it's a huge shopping network!

Anyone up for modern bedding?  (I have baby stuff on the brain...look how awesome those sheets are!)

Cocalo Naturals Tranquil Crib Bedding Collection

Or look, I can pretend I'm back at a certain cell phone company I worked for very, very briefly after they devoured....err....acquired the company I was at... (please tell me I'm not the only telecommunications alumni out there...you guys know what I'm talking about, right?  If that little "jack" pillow down there was orange...)
Inspired Crib Bedding Geo Aqua Crib Bedding Collection

Or maybe something more grown up is to your taste?  Yummy... I love those pea cocks!  
DwellStudio Peacock Citrine Duvet Collection

What gives?  I never knew I liked modern, but apparently modern bedding is kind of my cup of tea.


Aunt LoLo said...

Cute bedding!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been trending a little more modern lately as well. I think I like the first set of sheets best. How fun that you get to review their stuff!

Alexandra said...

I've totally swung to modern, although it's got an organic ethnic feel as well. That peacock fabric is gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

I like the first one the very best.

Did you enjoy Womens Conference? I still have to see it. I pulled it up on my computer, but I'll have to watch it tonight.

Have a great day!