Monday, September 27, 2010

Kids Made This: Pillow Doll

I have some fabulous crayons in my stash- they're fabric crayons, much like oil pastels in texture, but you can draw with them and heat set the color. I know we've had them for a very, VERY long time. I think my mom bought them when my little brother was in cub scouts. (He's 21 now.)

A quick Google search is turning up a LOT of results for current iterations of "fabric crayons." I don't know how well they perform, but these Crayola crayons are available at Office Depot for $3 a box.

They are fabulous for making t-shirts for dads and Grandpas, and have been used for that quite a bit. (Only for dads and grandpas though...because we don't have any moms and grandpmas in this family that I know of who would happily wear a lettered Hanes t-shirt.)
Another great use is for bigger kids to draw on fabric to make things like dolls! You could substitute acrylic craft paint as well- that can also be heat set with an iron and be wash-fast.

Ernie made this doll for Mimi months ago- she got it in her head one afternoon she needed to sew a doll for her sister, and Mimi was still asleep. She picked out my most lurid pink fabric, and I cut out a piece and taped it to a large piece of cardboard to stabilize it. After she finished drawing, I ironed it (with a cover cloth) and showed her how to use the sewing machine.

I was nervous, because a few weeks prior we'd spent a good number of afternoons making a similar doll for Ernie but it was all hand sewing. I marked dots around the edge and she went up and down through the dots before we turned and stuffed. This time she sat at the machine- I turned the speed down pretty low, and took care of the pedal since she couldn't reach it. She did great! She turned and stuffed, and I whipstitched it shut for her.

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Bobbi Lewin said...

That is so sweet that she wanted to sew a doll for her sister:)

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, that's fabulous!!!

Elizabeth said...


Ticia said...

It turned out cute, my kids plans for things don't turn out as well.

Mama Papaya said...

She did a great job!