Friday, February 5, 2010

Signs of Spring

Spring, you say? Yes: Spring. Dad gummit, I want Spring. It's a yearly ritual in our house to get a little stir crazy in January-February...start making *almost* jokes about buying an RV so we can go park somewhere sunny for a month or two... (Obviously, that's crazy talk- we'd rent an RV, not purchase. Crazy talk!)

My first seeds of the year (leeks) have sprouted, and are growing like crazy. I'm such a mother hen- I let them germinate on top of the refrigerator, for that little bit of extra heat. Since our days are so short right now, they get an extra three hours of sunshine at night with my spectrum light. Such spoiled things! They better do well :)

All of the "it's winter still but Christmas is over" white decorations have been packed up and replaced with green and purple. This drawing sits on top of the piano now- isn't it lovely? My little sister drew it for my birthday, I love it! She's such a talented girl.

What are you doing to bring in Spring?

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Teresa said...

I've planted the sweet peas and I'm starting to clean out the closets.
Happy day

a Tonggu Momma said...

You would HAVE to post this the weekend we had a blizzard?!?!! Heh. Seriously, though, the Chinese New Year holiday is all about welcoming spring. It will be a little hard this year, though, with two more snowstorms expected this week. Ugh.